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Silas is a billionaire after inventing an app that made him and his best friends a fortune. They try to keep their wealth a secret, as the men were burned early on by those who sought to take advantage of their money. Silas is in Las Vegas and ends up chatting with a hot cowboy in the hotel bar. Both men had had a rough evening and they share way too many drinks, followed by some dancing. And, the next day, Silas wakes up to an empty hotel room and a marriage certificate on the table. He barely remembers what happened, but he also knows he is in trouble. With Silas’ money, dissolving a marriage could cost him a fortune. He knows he needs to track down his cowboy and extricate himself from the marriage as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Waylon came to Vegas trying to help a friend and ended up in the bar alone. Way can’t remember much about what happened after that, but he does know he somehow ended up married to the sexy man in the suit. Way has always considered himself straight and has no idea what came over him. But he also is panicking, and with his pile of responsibilities at home, he flees back to his small town of Majestic, Wyoming, where he is both the town mayor and the owner of a ranch in financial trouble.

When Silas shows up in town to track Way down, the men know they need to figure out next steps. Neither one wants to stay married, of course, but an annulment is not possible and a divorce is complicated. Getting this resolved quietly in a small town like Majestic is impossible and, with a huge event coming to town that can bring in some much needed funds, Waylon can’t afford to have his reputation in tatters if anyone finds out he got drunk married in Vegas. The only other option is to wait six months and get divorced in Delaware, so the guys agree that Silas will stay in town until the event and they will put on the happy couple face for everyone. Then, Silas will return home until they can finalize the divorce.

It seems like a fine plan until both men realize how much they truly like one another. Silas can’t help but respect Way’s hard working attitude, the way he cares for his family and the people of the town, and the way he never backs down from what needs to be done. And Silas seems to fit right in to Majestic, helping out with both the town and the ranch, looking out for everyone and stepping in to ease Waylon’s burdens wherever he can. Not to mention the men have insane chemistry and can barely keep their hands off each other. Suddenly, what was just a sham marriage is turning into real feelings. But with the clock ticking on their partnership, Way and Silas need to decide if they are ready to take a chance and share their feelings, or if they are going to both lose the man they have grown to love.

Marrying Mr. Majestic is a charming and entertaining romance, with a mashup of tropes that all work together really well. We’ve got woke up married, billionaire, bi-awakening, small town, cowboy, and more. This book ties in with Lucy Lennox’s Prince of Lies, which features Bash, part of Silas’ billionaire brotherhood, finding love with his partner, Rowe. The books don’t seem to have a series name, but they are definitely connected and Silas’ friends appear here in this book to varying degrees. Despite that, I do think you can read this one on its own, as Silas and Way’s relationship stands pretty independently (that said, Prince of Lies is so good, you totally should read it).

The book kicks off with the woke-up-married theme, as we Silas doing just that. He initially panics, not just because of the sudden marriage to a stranger, but also because due to his immense wealth, there are major financial implications as well. We see a bit of the guys meeting, but neither remembers much of what happened. The story then brings us to Majestic, Wyoming, where Way lives and Silas tracks him down. The book very much has a small town vibe, as Way’s family has lived there for generations and everyone is in each other’s business. I think Lennox manages to make it plausible that Silas and Way would agree to hold off on the divorce. Silas is such a good soul and he can see how stressed and overwhelmed Waylon is and he doesn’t want to make waves for him by starting the divorce proceedings in town where everyone will know. It helps that the guys are hot for one another and so there is a soft spot there that makes them a little more indulgent of one another. Also, Silas doesn’t want to rock the boat and lead Waylon into investigating him or his finances, so he goes along with Way’s desire to keep up appearances. You still have to go with it, however, and while it mostly worked for me, it didn’t completely (why couldn’t they get an annulment exactly?). But Lennox does make it all seem reasonable enough and it didn’t ruffle me too much.

Most of the book gives us a chance to watch Way and Silas fall for each other as Silas hangs around town while they pretend to be together. The heat between them is intense (and this is a super sexy book), so the guys fall into bed quite easily. But they also just seem to fit well with each other. They are both such good souls, and are caring people who want to help others. Silas does it by meddling a bit, not able to stop himself from helping where he can. He is a problem solver and he sees Waylon struggling and wants to jump in. And Waylon takes everything on his shoulders and works himself to the bone because he cares so much. So these guys are both good men and this story is just warm and happy as we see them coming to rely on each other and fall for one another. I really enjoyed them together and watching their relationship develop.

The small town is charming (if somewhat idealized) and we get to meet a lot of the folks from Majestic. It looks like we will have at least one more book set here and the end of this story gives us a section from the POV of the man I presume is the next MC. I enjoy the found family vibe of this group and I am finding myself really loving the tone of this series. I am very excited for what is to come and look forward to the rest of their stories.

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