About Reviews


Here is some quick background on our book reviews. All books are ranked on a scale of 1-5 using quarter points. Here is the rough scale we use:

5 – Loved it, one of my very favorites ever, I will keep it under my pillow forever
4 – Excellent book, I really enjoyed it and would read it again although some small problems
3 – Good book, had some noticeable problems
2 – Ok, I probably wouldn’t read it again, likely wouldn’t buy it in hindsight
1 – Didn’t enjoy it, not worth reading

Here at Joyfully Jay I am always willing to consider requests for review, so feel free to be in touch.

Book Length

I am sure there is an official way to categorize books by length, but for the purposes of our reviews, here is what we use:

  • Short story: 50 pages or less
  • Novella: 50-100 pages
  • Novel: 100+ pages

If something is unusually short or long we try to note that. And if I notice that a publisher has categorized a book differently than I do, I try to use their designation.

Note: Up until October 3, 2011, I was rating books using a half point scale. As a result, some of the grades for books reviewed prior to that point may be lower than they would be using the new scale.

Fine Print: For the purposes of FTC Disclosure, please assume all books reviewed at Joyfully Jay are provided by the publisher or author unless otherwise noted.

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