There are two ways you can shop with Joyfully Jay! First, you can get all kinds of fun gear at my new Joyfully Jay store! And second, by following blog links to Amazon and ARe when you shop for books (or anything else at Amazon), you can help the blog earn some credit to support our costs. So here are all the details…

Shop with Joyfully Jay

Do you shop at Amazon and All Romance Ebooks for books (or anything else)? If so, you can help support Joyfully Jay by entering those sites through one of the links on my blog. This includes any of the buy links that we put in our reviews, or by using the Amazon search widget in the sidebar. You can also enter directly by using one of the following links:


Every time you make a purchase of any product after following a link from my blog (or the ones above), we get a tiny referral bonus (usually about 4-7%).  Every little bit really helps cover our expenses and it is super easy.  Once you enter using the links, anything you buy in that purchase will get credited to Joyfully Jay as the referrer.  So if you happen to be buying a flat screen tv or anything…

I really appreciate all the support!

Joyfully Jay Gear

joyfully jay mugCheck out the Joyfully Jay Gear store at Cafe Press! There are a bunch of cool products you can choose from with eight different images.  This includes blog banners, my book logo, and our leaf signature logo.  The shop has all kinds of gear, from t-shirts to mugs to bags.  And if there is anything you want that you don’t see there, just send me an email and I will add it for you.  There are a ton of fun products on Cafe Press and I can turn any of them into Joyfully Jay gear so don’t hesitate to ask.

I really appreciate all the purchases as they go to help fund and support blog expenses.  And if you end up buying anything, PLEASE send me a picture if you don’t mind sharing! I’d love to post some pictures of folks with their gear.

So stop on by the store and check it out! Great for GRL, RT, and all kinds of other fun stuff!

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