Review: Earning His Trust by Alicia Nordwell

Rating: 4 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Evin is a single dad to six-month-old Micah, so when he burns his hand baking teething biscuits, Evin has no choice but to take Micah with him to the ER. Of course, the very last person he expects to run into his his […]

Coming This Week

HI everyone! I hope you all had a great week. Once again, I have to start off by saying my thoughts are with all of you in the path of this horrible weather. Between the storms and the fires it feels like the apocalypse around here. Things seem so precarious in Florida, I am sending […]

Coming This Week

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. It has been a rough week here in the Jay household. We are dropping like flies from a killer stomach bug.  Fortunately, it is getting substantially lighter with each progressive person, but boy we are all tired of being sick! And of course, the DC area got […]

Review: Protecting Bear by Alicia Nordwell

Rating: 4 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel When Kameron’s forced to transfer to the vice squad after his former unit finds out he’s gay and lets him know in subtle ways that they’re not okay with it, he thinks he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay in favor with his […]

Coming This Week

Hello everyone! Hope your week went well.  Pretty quiet here, though still more snow. Sigh. I am getting tired of this and it would be nice if my kids ever had a full week of school again.  But I know some of you have it a lot worse, so I won’t complain too much. Lots […]