Best of 2015 Roundup!!

Hi everyone! So we have completed our lists of our favorite books in 2015. If you read them all, you will see that we have both a diverse range of favorites, as well as some books and authors that appear on more than one list. In case you haven’t had a chance to check them […]

Favorite Covers of 2015

It is that time of year again for a roundup of our favorite covers. I am one of those people who can totally be swayed to try a book based on a beautiful cover, and sadly can be turned off when something is awful. So I really think covers are an important part of the […]

Jason’s Best of 2015

I sorted through my favorite stories to pick what I considered the best of the best of what I read this past year. 2015 started on a high note for me with Love For the Cold Blooded, and has ended (so far) with the Seasons / Storm, and The Little Goddess series. I have been […]

Crissy’s Best of 2015

Happy almost 2016! We’re at that time of year again where I get to tell you what books I loved this year. And I certainly read a lot of them. Goodreads tells me that, to date, I’ve read 193 books this year. That number does not include the ones that I forgot to mark (obviously) […]

Kris’ Best of 2015

Having done one of these list before, I felt a little more prepared on what criteria to use when making my favorite selections. But you know what? That didn’t make it any easier! I’ve read a lot of great books this year and they all deserve their due. I had to carefully make my selections, […]

Sue’s Best of 2015

Blue on Black by Carole Cummings In this rousing sci-fiction/fantasy adventure, a pragmatic and tenacious tracker, Bas Eisen is sent to the edge of civilization to search for a missing person. Instead he finds a dead man, a town held hostage, and a twisted political agenda. Only by working with the brilliant but broken Kimo, […]

Jay’s 2015 Favorites

So 2015 is wrapping up and it is time to look back on my favorite books of the year. I love this opportunity to look over my reviews and remember some of my favorites. I have read a lot — over 180 books this year — and so many of them were wonderful. So it […]

Sammy’s 2015 Favorites

Golly, what a brilliant year it was for the m/m genre! There were so many stories this year that seemed to really go beyond the norm and leave deep impressions on mind and heart. It was exceptionally tough to whittle down my favorites list this year, but I managed to create a top ten that […]