Border Crossing series

Review: Ammo and Enchiladas by B.A. Tortuga

Rating: 4.25 stars, 4.5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Brantley and his best friend, Matt, are out for a night at the movies when Matt is shot by a robber at a gas station. Brant needs to grieve, but he sets his own feelings aside so he can...
4.5 Star Rating

Review: Bombs and Guacamole by B.A. Tortuga

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Dusty is an ER physician and Nate is a paramedic. They, along with Kyle who is in law enforcement, have been the best of friends since their Army days in the desert. Kyle has gotten married,...
4.25 Star Rating