chronic illness

Review: Melting for You by A.M. Arthur

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Joel returns to his Neighborhood Shindig food truck after nearly a year’s absence spent dealing with a chronic disease. He expects to find his on again/off again lover, Steve, holding down the fort and life to resume...
4.25 Star Rating

Review: Strokes on Canvas by H. Lewis-Foster

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Evan Calver escaped his country life and a non-future hauling coal in mines thanks to a pulmonary condition. Now he works for a grocery in London and enjoys the odd rendezvous at one public loo or another to take the...
3.75 Star Rating

Review: The Rest Is Illusion by Eric Arvin

Rating: 5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Allow me to first remark on my reaction when I read that The Rest Is Illusion was a re-release by Wilde City Press and had been author Eric Arvin’s first novel. In a nutshell, I was absolutely floored. I had just...
Five Star Rating