April Favorite Covers

Hi gang! We are back today with our favorite covers of the month of April. Lots of beauties!

March Favorite Covers

Hi guys! Here we are with our favorite covers of March. Lots of beauties so show these talented artists some love. And remember, click on any of the covers to make them bigger and clearer.

January Favorite Covers

Hello everyone! Here are our lovely favorite covers from January.  Once again lots of beauties. And if we didn’t know Paul Richmond was a genius already, so many of our top cover picks are his artwork. Remember the WP gallery makes them a little fuzzy but if you click on any of these you can […]

2013 Favorite Covers

Hello everyone! I am so excited to share my favorite covers of 2013 with you guys!  I always have a hard time with this because we have seen so many gorgeous covers by a variety of talented artists this year.  But here are some of my favorites.  They show up a bit blurry in the […]

Crissy’s Best of 2013

2013. Another year come and almost gone. And with 2013 came lots of ups and downs in the m/m world – some misunderstandings, some offensive conversations, and some great times. But above all, the one consistency has been the books – good ones, bad ones, and great ones. I’m here to tell you about the […]

November’s Favorite Covers

Hello everyone! Here we are with another installment of our favorite covers of the month.  I always love looking through the books we reviewed and seeing so many lovely covers.  So many of these artists are doing just amazing work! As always, you can click on any of these pics to make them bigger and […]

August Favorite Covers

This month we had another batch of wonderful covers. It is always exciting to look back at all the covers that grabbed me throughout the month.  Here are some of my favorites.

July’s Favorite Books

Hi everyone! Once again we have our favorite books of the month to share with you.  In July we reviewed 65 books and here are our favorites from the bunch! Be sure to stop and check out any you might have missed! Jay’s Favorite Books To the Other Side by S.J. Frost Forever in One […]