L.C. Chase

Review: Breakfast Included by L.C. Chase

Rating: 3 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novella   Reno was in love with his brother’s best friend, Tate, when he was a teen. He tried to get over it, as he thought he was crushing on a straight guy. Then, Tate kissed him. And then Tate left...
3 Star Rating

Coming This Week

Hi all! I hope you had a great week! We are having unseasonably warm weather here and a series of beautiful days. I’m torn between loving it and lamenting the state of the earth. But I can’t deny it is nice to be able to sit and read with the backdoor open...

Coming This Week

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a great week and those who are celebrating are having a festive time! I can’t believe we are wrapping out the year already. I won’t be sad to see 2020 go, and I am hoping that the new year brings us all a lot more joy and...

November Favorite Covers

Hi everyone! Today we are sharing our favorite covers for November. This month was a big month for great covers, and I’m excited to have so many to share! We’d love to hear about any of your favorites in the comments.  

March Favorite Covers

So our favorites are a bit late this month as we spent the last two weeks trying to recover from the site crash. But today I am excited to share our favorite covers from March. It’s always fun to recognize great covers and their artists, so we’d love you...

December Favorite Covers

Hi everyone! Today is our Favorites day and in this post we are celebrating our Favorite Covers from December! We hope you enjoy these beauties and be sure you add your favorites in the comments!