Winners: Men in Uniform Week

We have all our winners selected for Men in Uniform Week! Thank you again to all our fabulous authors and publishers who donated prizes and a thanks to everyone who stopped by and made it such an exciting week! P.S. All the winners have been notified and their names passed onto the prize donators so […]

Men in Uniform Week Giveaway Update

Hi guys!  I have had some questions about the status of the Men in Uniform Week giveaway so I just wanted to give you all a quick update about where we are in the process. To answer the first question almost everyone asks, no, we have not notified all the winners yet. So if you […]

Men in Uniform Week Wrap Up

Sigh, after all that preparation and a fabulous week of excitement, Men in Uniform Week has about come to a close. As always, I want to thank my amazing reviewers who spent so much time reading in preparation for the event. I also want to thank Daisy Harris, Liz Borino, Lily Harlem, James Buchanan, L.A. […]

Review: On Fire by Drew Zachary

Rating: 4 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel When Sam spots hunky firefighter Robert while wandering around town on Canada Day, it is lust at first sight.  Seeing Robert all wet and sexy in his uniform is enough to almost make Sam come right in his pants, and when Robert agrees to go […]

Review: The Broken H by J.L. Langley

Rating: 5 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Years ago, teenaged Shane Cortez showed up at the Broken H ranch after his parents had kicked him out for being gay and the Hunter family welcomed him with open arms. Four-year-old Grayson had been particularly enamored with Shane, whom he called chief because of […]

Guest Post: Why I Write Military Romances by L.A. Witt

Today I am so excited to welcome L.A. Witt back to the blog.  L.A. is a frequent guest poster here and today and she is joining us for Men in Uniform Week to share why she enjoys writing military romances.  Please help me give her a big welcome!  Why I Write Military Romances This will […]

Review: 911 by Chris Owen

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel “Three. That’d be hard to do. I mean, I’m sure it would work for the right people, but how do you find the right people? I mean, do you go looking? Do you just find someone and say, ‘Hey, my partner and I were wondering […]

Review: Blue Fire by Z.A. Maxfield

Rating: 4 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novella Blue Fire by Z.A. Maxfield.  Am I allowed to write one word such as Outstanding?  Can I just say something like:  Buy it—NOW!?  NO?  I need to tell you more, don’t I?  I thought so. It wasn’t that this was a long, involved novel and […]