Partnership in Blood series

Throwback Thursday Review: Perilous Partnership by Ariel Tachna

Rating: 5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel The war that brought them together has been over for a year and Jean Bellaiche, leader of the vampires, and Raymond Payet, now in charge of l’ANS, have been living together and loving each...
Five Star Rating

Throwback Thursday/Series Spotlight: Partnership in Blood Series by Ariel Tachna

Rating: 4.75 stars Length: Novels In a world where magic helps to keep everything in balance, a war between two factions of wizards has wreaked havoc throughout France. The good guys are losing, and they need something to tip the scales in their favor. So they turn to...
Five Star Rating
4.75 Star Rating
4.5 Star Rating