Review: We Still Live by Sara Dobie Bauer

Rating: 5 stars Buy Link: Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel When tragedy struck the campus of Hamden University, it left behind unspeakable grief and a quiet hero. John has had to deal with the notoriety of being the man who stopped a gunman and saved lives. He lives on the edge...
Five Star Rating

Audiobook Review: Dirty Mind by Roe Horvat

Story Rating: 4 stars Audio Rating: 3 stars Narrator: Vance Bastian Length: 5 hours, 10 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Amazon/Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links: Amazon | iBooks Alexander is enjoying one of his jaunts to Spain, sitting in a bar in Catalonia and despairing at his lack of...
4 Star Rating

Audiobook Review: Love’s Magic by Janice Jarrell

Story Rating: 3.5 stars Audio Rating: 3.5 stars Narrator: Walker Williams Length: 9 hours, 11 minutes Audiobook Buy Links: Amazon/Audible | iBooks Book Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks Nate Reese and David Gardener are professors at the University of Virginia. David is a very popular history...
3.5 Star Rating