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Review: Reunion by Eden Winters

Rating: 4.5 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | iBooks | Amazon UK Length: Novel Twelve years ago, Lucky’s family disowned him for reasons that aren’t completely clear to him. Though it is not as if he hasn’t made plenty of mistakes in his life. Except for his sister Charlotte,...
4.5 Star Rating

Review: The Angel of 13th Street by Eden Winters

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel Noah Everett rose above his life on the streets as a teenage prostitute to become a somewhat successful business owner. Despite walking away from his life as a rent boy, he’s still haunted by those he left...
3.75 Star Rating

Review: Manipulation by Eden Winters

Rating: 4.75 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Novel As agents for the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau, Lucky Lucklighter and Bo Schollenberger have just broken the pipeline of a dangerous street drug between Mexico and the U.S. The problem is that they were not...
4.75 Star Rating