Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day Deals

Hello my dears! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all. And nothing says Valentine’s like curling up with a good romantic book, whether it is sweet or scorching.  So here are a few holiday deals for you guys… All Romance eBooks is offering a 50% rebate on their books today....
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Review: Priceless by M.A. Church

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Links:  Amazon | All Romance Length: Novella Priceless begins with Cupid entering The Palms casino in Las Vegas and watching the lonely humans each desperate for love, when he spots an inspiration he is willing to use his arrows for. Garrett is a man who he knows...
3.75 Star Rating

Series Spotlight: Coda Series by Marie Sexton

The Coda series by Marie Sexton is without question one of my all time favorite romance series.  I have read each book an embarrasing number of times and I turn to them time and again when I am looking to get my fix of these guys I have grown to love. The series is seven books/stories...