Story Rating: 4.25 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Lance West
Length: 9 hours, 24 minutes

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Ivan Gallagher was incarcerated after taking a stand for a vulnerable former partner. He paid his debt to society and came to Redemption Ridge Ranch several years ago. He’s now the ranch foreman, and runs a beekeeping operation that’s turning a sweet profit. He’s a mite lonely, but knows how to find a man to scratch his itch when he needs to.

Rory Snyder’s got big problems. He’s the only child of a wealthy man running for governor in Colorado. There’s a media leak that keeps feeding the press hounds details of Rory’s youthful addiction to alcohol and strained relationship with his father, both of which began when his beloved mother died of cancer. Rory’s an internet influencer, and his safety is threatened by lunatics who want to harm him. His older half-brother has asked Cash Sweeney, his dear friend and owner of Redemption Ridge Ranch, to hide Rory on the property until the firestorm dies down. And, sexy, sassy Rory is living in the same ranch house as Ivan.

Ivan’s incredibly attracted to Rory–and the feeling is mutual. But Ivan’s heart was broken by his first lover, and the press surrounding his incarceration nearly severed all his family ties. He’s terrified of publicity, something influencers usually cultivate for revenue. Rory’s young, lithe, and wealthy; he’s had every advantage, and still found himself in dire straits. They’re opposites in every way, and yet the lust between them is nearly a palpable presence.

This audiobook was a yummy addition to the Redemption Ridge series. It is the second book in the series and best enjoyed when read in order. Lance West’s narration really leans in to Rory’s sultry seductiveness and still gives gravitas to Ivan’s gruffness. Their combined mission to help Redemption Ridge battle the negative press coming at it, courtesy of a vocal religious cult, helps both men focus on their strengths, as well as their attraction. I loved hearing Rory plan treats to win over Ivan’s heart (through his stomach!) and the innuendoes over Ivan’s “Liquid Gold” honey were humorous. Ivan’s heart-rending description of the situation that led to his incarceration was poignant. There’s a lot of bawdy camaraderie on the ranch, and this found family was glorious to experience. The pacing of the story was great on the page and in the audio.

This book sets up the third romance, which also features a different couple. The overarching issue of the cult continues into the next book, as well. I’ve already read forward into the series in ebook format, but love having the audio to keep me entertained as I go about my daily tasks. I’ve listened to it a few times now and still enjoy. I definitely recommend the series and the audio.