Review: Chaos Unchained and Underneath His Armor by James Cox

Rating: 3.75 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance | Amazon UK Length: Short Story In the year 3001, Earth is now a prison colony, and life is lived on Mars. The government sets the rules: Women are used for breeding, homosexual activity will result in death, dark skinned men are reduced...
4 Star Rating
3.75 Star Rating

Review: Takedown by Cat Grant

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Novel Two years after a fight with his former lover, Tom Delany returns to Lincoln Beach on the heels of the news that his abusive, formerly politically powerful father has died in prison. When he gets into town, Tom is more or...
4.25 Star Rating

Review: Won’t Back Down Anthology

Rating: 4.25 stars Buy Link: Amazon | All Romance Length: Anthology This anthology is twelve rounds of non-stop action. It features stories full of characters willing to fight for what they believe in, the ones they love, or just for survival. No matter what the circumstances, one thing...
4.25 Star Rating