Today we are lucky enough to have the fabulous Storm Grant join us.  Yesterday I reviewed her latest book, Few Are Chosen, and today she is here to share some thoughts on gay romance.  She has also brought a great giveaway (details below).  Welcome Storm!

Gay romance IS romance!

A couple of years ago, when I was shopping around Shift Happens, my m/m urban fantasy/paranormal romance, I was told that m/m books are NOT romance or women’s fiction. Once by an agent who specializes in romance and women’s fiction, and again by a romance writer whose blog I follow.

Two questions:
1. What is gay romance if not romance?
2. Who do you THINK is reading it? Why do you think it’s so popular with the e-publishers? (Yes, that is three questions. Sorry.)

I don’t think I have to answer those questions here; I’d just be preaching to the choir.

However, people need to realize that their comments have ramifications. Even though my next book featured a heterosexual main character, I refused to send it to this well-respected agent because he either puts his own prejudices ahead of his business, or he’s not very informed about his market. Reject me for any other reasons–you hate my writing, you hate my characters, you hate my hair, but don’t reject me and slap my wrist for submitting something you don’t rep–because you do. You rep romance. And, as said above, what is gay romance if not romance?

And romance writer, while I enjoy your blog, you, too, need to learn your own market.

Now a couple of years have passed since then, and I wonder if I’d get a different response if shopping Shift Happens around today. I did land an agent with the quirky, funny book with the straight heroine, but it also includes her transvestite best friend.

And subsequently, I’ve been writing m/m stories for Riptide Press. My latest, Few Are Chosen, is m/m, YA and interracial. And funny. Riptide was pleased to acquire it. Would a mainstream publisher have turned up their noses?

What do you think? Has the traditional publishing marketplace changed?

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Sparks fly between virgin teenage demon hunters when the Chosen One turns out to be… the Chosen Two?

Apprentice warrior Blake St. Blake is the Chosen One, raised by an ancient order to defend the world against evil. Well, maybe not the whole world, but at least his neighborhood in downtown Detroit.

When a dreaded reflux demon is sighted in a local cemetery, Blake is sent off to his very first battle, armed with his sword, his super-senses, his black leather duster, and a few well-rehearsed one-liners.

But another Chosen One gets in Blake’s way—an apprentice wizard named Shadow. While the boys argue about who’s the more chosen of the two, the demon escapes.

Blake wants to be angry, but it turns out he and Shadow have a lot in common. Besides, Shadow’s pretty cute, and Blake can’t help but think that the wizard’s skills (and hands and lips and other bits) might make the perfect complement to his. Blake and Shadow are brave enough to challenge the reflux demon in a second battle, but will they have the courage to tell each other how they feel?

Title Details
Publisher: Riptide Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-937551-22-3
eBook release: Feb 20 2012
eBook formats: pdf, mobi, html, epub
Word count: ~12,000
Page count: ~40
Heat Wave: On-screen, mildly explicit love scenes
Type: Standalone
eBook $2.99

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Storm Grant Bio: Storm Grant is a writer of short and long tales, her work spanning both genres and genders. Storm’s stories offer titillation and merriment, and in a few cases, horror. In the last few years, she’s published with MLR, Torquere, Phaze, Blood Bound Books, eXessica, Amber Quill, and Riptide Publishing.

Storm Grant (also writing as Gina X. Grant)

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Play The Name Game for Few Are Chosen and win a copy of ALL THREE of these entertaining books from Storm Grant’s backlist: Gym Dandy, Shift Happens, and Tart and Soul. (Two full-length novels and a novella!)
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