Rating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

In Jose’s Surrender, author Remmy Duchene returns his readers to the town of Eros and the character of Jose Deluz.  Jose is an interior designer who has just undertaken the job of designing a 12 office spread for one of the Anatolis clan and is in desperate need of a freelance artist to do various original artwork designs for the new building.  Enter Ronin McCall, a graphic designer and artist, freshly retired form the Navy.

The two meet and instant sparks fire.  There is attraction…but is it enough to have a lasting affect?  Jose has something of a reputation for being a clumsy man, not only in his actions but in his personal life as well.  A dreamer one would call him.  When he meets Ronin who is so together, so sure of himself, Jose tries to be someone he is not: cool, distant, unaffected.

Ronin makes quick work of tearing down all of Jose’s barriers and assuring him that he doesn’t want Jose to change one iota, he likes him just the way he is, and that is the beginning of a tenuous relationship between the two.  One that is full of fiery sex and, at times, miscommunication that leads to Ronin taking charge and settling the rather nervous and unsure Jose.

Remmy Duchene once more offers a glimpse at the community that is Eros and this tightly knit group of friends who will stand up and go toe to toe for each other in order to keep their group safe and happy.  While the storyline of Jose’s Surrender is not overly involved, what one is privy to is the blossoming and building of a relationship that has all the fragility of a “last chance” at happiness for both these men.

I must say that this author’s strength lay in his characters.  Both Jose and Ronin are likeable guys, quirky and funny and intensely passionate about their lives, their families and each other.  I truly enjoyed getting to know these two men and begin to understand what made them tick—how each had their own insecurities and how each had the strength to overcome them, particularly with the help of the other.  They made such a nice couple, you were rooting for them right up to the end.

Jose’s Surrender was a sweet love story that gave the clear message that we must not hide our true selves from the one we love.  Instead if we are to truly love, we must let the other person see just who we are—nothing more, nothing less.  This is the way one builds a trusting relationship that lasts.

For the fans of this series, you will be delighted in this latest installment.  For new fans I would suggest reading the first three books in Remmy Duchene’s Sons of Eros series, but it is not necessary to do so for the enjoyment of this book.  It can be considered a stand alone.

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