Scorned and Abandoned: An Aaron Jaycynth MysteryRating: 3 stars
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Andrews Security is an elite security company that provides protection for dignitaries and executives. They were recently hired by Robert Tameron to protect his teenage son, Ethan, who is headed off to a soccer camp before heading to the university. When Ethan and his security agent fail to arrive at the camp, the search begins.

Aaron Jaycynth is an IT specialist for Andrews Security. Despite being 6’0” and solidly built, he is more comfortable surrounded by technology than he is around people. Shy and lacking self-confidence, he tends to be somewhat of a loner. When it is believed Ethan may have been abducted by someone in the sex-slave industry, Aaron surprises his co-workers with his knowledge about the BDSM community.

Declan is an M-15 agent sent to help Andrews Security find the missing teenager. With Declan posing as a submissive, he and Aaron hit the BDSM scene searching for Ethan. Will they be able to successfully integrate themselves in the close-knit BDSM community and save Ethan before he is sold?

The plot of this book is interesting. Andrews Security is an elite security company hired to protect Ethan Tameron, the teenage son of a business executive, while he is away at a soccer camp. When Ethan and his agent never arrive at camp, the search for the two missing men begins. A day later, the agent is found beaten, tortured, and left on death’s doorstep. Later that day, a video email arrives warning the father not to bring in the police. Over the next few days, more video emails appear threatening to sell the son as a sex slave.

Aaron is shy and awkward around most people and he tends to be somewhat of a loner. When Ethan is kidnapped, Aaron’s knowledge about the BDSM scene is called upon to help track down when and where he will be sold. Teaming up with Declan, they go undercover to track down the kidnappers.

While the plot was interesting, the writing was tedious at times. In the first chapter, over a half dozen characters are thrown at readers. While I am a fan of secondary characters in books, secondary characters should play a secondary role rather than each of them having their own point of view. Throughout the book it seemed as if there were many main characters, yet we never really connect with any of them. It was almost as if it were written like a screenplay for a television show where you get bits and pieces from multiple characters, but there isn’t any real star of the show.

I would consider this more of a mystery with characters who identify themselves as gay rather than a mystery with gay romantic undertones. The blurb for this book suggested that there was some sort of romance or even a relationship of some sort between Aaron and Declan…or even Aaron and Ethan. I should warn readers that if you are looking for a romance novel, there really wasn’t much in the way of one in this book with the exception of a bit of flirtation. There also isn’t really much in the way of BDSM except for glimpses of inside the clubs and the abuse seen on video of Ethan as he pleads with his father to help him.

For me, this book didn’t live up to my expectations.

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