Jackson & Nick (Storming Love: Wild FIre #6) by Laura BaumbachRating: 3.5 stars
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Length: Short Story

Part of the Storming Love series, author Laura Baumbach gives us another installment in the Wild Fire batch, Jackson & Nick. Jackson, a firefighter who is recovering from a serious injury to his shoulder after a fall in a collapsing building, has fallen for the ER doctor who fixed him up. While Nick is attracted to Jackson, he is also gun shy, just having come out of a harsh relationship where nothing he did was ever good enough. Plus Nick is a driven man, more like a workaholic, and his reasoning for not getting further involved with the handsome firefighter is weak at best, yet he clings to his busy schedule and almost OCD-like fear of commitment with incredible tenacity.

Jackson is undeterred however and arranges for he and Nick to go to a cabin in the woods to hopefully further their tentative relationship. Reluctantly Nick agrees to accompany Jackson and both find themselves in a remote location with no power, no cell service, and a storm brewing that may ultimately be the end of everything—including their lives.

It’s has been a long time since Laura Baumbach has written a story and I must say I was thrilled to see even a short story from this entertaining author. While both Jackson and Nick were appealing characters, there seemed to be just too little story here to really sink your teeth into. Plucking us down into the middle of their attraction to one another was done smoothly and I felt that their relationship was established quickly and succinctly. However, there was a very slow and overly detailed love scene that took up a major portion of this short story and I felt that it compromised the flow of the plot overall. For too many pages we were given a blow-by-blow account of their lovemaking, then, thrust into the panic of the impending forest fire, we are given their race against death. All in all, I felt the story became seriously rushed and the declarations both men made to each other at story’s end would have been so much more believable had we spent ore time learning about their previous dates and how the two met and became a couple.

This author can create riveting stores and while this Storming Love tale, Jackson & Nick, had all the right bones to make a sweet romance come to life, the pacing and lengthy love scene meant we got too little story to invest our emotions into at the end.

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