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Today I am so pleased to welcome Amanda Jean to Joyfully Jay. Amanda Jean has come to talk to us about The Hopeless Romantic podcast. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Hi there! I’m Amanda Jean, one of the co-hosts of The Hopeless Romantic, a biweekly podcast about the LGBTQIA romance genre. I’m delighted Joyfully Jay gave us a spot on the blog to explain what we do on the podcast—it’s a chance to talk directly to readers and potential audience members! If you’ve never heard of us before, the first episode covers who we are, what we do, and, for bonus points, a brief history of the genre.

THR imageHere’s where it gets extra exciting for Joyfully Jay readers. Once a month (or more!), we feature a guest. There’s a big chance your favorite author could be featured on THR, which is part of why we’re here. We want to know who your favorite authors are! We want to know what topics you’re interested in hearing us (and our guests) talk about. If hearing us dissect story structure isn’t interesting to you, let us know what is. If you want to hear us talk about shifters, New Adult, cowboys, or whatever you’re excited about, tell us! We’re all ears.

Right now, we have an amazing lineup taking shape through spring and summer. I’m exclusively revealing here on Joyfully Jay some of the guests slated to appear in 2016: KJ Charles (“Think of England” and the Society of Gentlemen series), Megan Derr (“The High King’s Golden Tongue” and the Dance with the Devil series), Racheline Maltese (The Love in Los Angeles series with Erin McRae), Rachel Haimowitz (“Burnt Toast B&B” with Heidi Belleau and The Song of the Fallen series), Nicole Kimberling (“Turnskin” and the Bellingham Mysteries), and many more. Artist Natasha Snow is going to give us her insight into cover design, and Radclyffe, the powerhouse author and owner of Bold Strokes Books, is going to do an episode on lesbian fiction. I’m psyched to talk to these wonderful folks, but there’s still so many people in the industry we’d love to talk to.

So, long story short, we’d love if Joyfully Jay readers with ideas for podcast guests and/or topics they want to hear would get in touch with us! You can comment on this post, tweet us at @theHRpodcast, or email us at thehopelessromanticpodcast@gmail.com.


Amanda Jean is an editor, publicist, and occasional writer of queer romance. She grew up devouring het romance novels and shifted to LGBT romance as a teen when her thirsty queer nature revealed itself. Amanda has worked with Less Than Three Press, Torquere Press, NineStar Press, Evernight Publishing, Siren-BookStrand, and serves as the LGBT Director for Alternating Current’s The Spark. When not wrangling manuscripts, you can find her watching documentaries, reading too many books on true crime, and caring too much about fictional characters.

Find her on twitter (@amandahjean) and at amandahjean.weebly.com.

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