Out For The HolidaysRating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella

Henry and Zach have been together for 18 months now. Last year they were too busy over the holidays and all Zach wants is time with Henry. But his agent forgot to tell him he’s booked for a week-long shoot in Mexico, they have to deal with Henry’s friend Joseph’s vindictiveness while they are there, and something is definitely up with Mattie.

But the time Henry and Zach do manage to spend together will melt all the winter snow as they are hot, hot, and hotter in the bedroom. Their relationship is great, but Zach wants for it to be permanent. If only he could get Henry to ask that one question he’s been waiting to answer.

Out for the Holidays is a direct follow-up to Out and it is not supposed to stand alone. Out left Henry and Zach together and this installment really shows their lives being intertwined. They are splitting their time between California and Washington and have the best of both worlds. Except, they are so busy with everything.

The chemistry between Henry and Zach is the aspect I like the best about these books. They just get each other. They like being with each other and their attraction to each other is so well written. Henry likes to be in control and Zach likes to give up control. Their age difference has them flirting with daddy kink almost as a joke, but these are dirty, dirty boys.

The book has a good pace and for all the outside elements pressing down on them, they still spend lots of entertaining quality time together. Joseph is back in this book and he was a little overdone for me and his presence may have gone on for a little too long and I didn’t quite get that Henry let Joseph treat Zach as he did. Mattie is featured here with a secondary storyline that was interesting as it went along, but there was something about it that didn’t quite fit into the flow of the rest of the book. But it all comes together at the end.

If you have read a number of Cara Dee’s other books, there are also a few sightings of previous MCs, which is fun to see if you do recognize them, but not a problem if you don’t. If you have read Out, then this is the book you want to see Zach and Henry get the family and life they always wanted. It’s fun, it’s sexy, and you’ll want to show up for the dirt that Henry whispers into Zach’s ear.

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