Today I am so pleased to welcome Ann Marie James to Joyfully Jay. Ann has come to talk to us about her latest release, The Way to a Man’s Heart. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Hello all! Ann Marie James here. Thought I would take a moment to answer a few questions about me.

  • I am a 51-year-old, divorced mother of one amazing young man. The time of COVID is a tough time to be starting out, but I am very proud of him graduating with his master’s degree in museum sciences in 2020. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to go see him walk the stage, since all graduation ceremonies were cancelled.
  • My day job is usually in Human Resources, which is why I have a pen name. The pen name is my middle name, my nieces’ (all three of them) middle name, and my son’s middle name.
  • My first attempt at writing was a young adult story. I will probably go back to it eventually as I love the characters, but it definitely needs some work. I learned a lot while doing it, but I will probably cringe when I reread it.
  • I then tried my hand at writing a M/M short story, which ended up being published in an anthology by another publisher but is now available as a free read at Pride Publishing. It is the start of the story of the Everyone’s Mechanic series and can be found here: Fair warning it is very short, but it was the first time I was published, so it means a lot to me.
  • How did I start writing? Well, I have had a lot of characters talking in my head for years. I have stories and characters fighting to be heard. That can sometimes be a challenge as I struggle to focus enough to get just one story to come through at a time. I never thought anyone else would want to hear my stories though. I finally took a chance and started jotting down my thoughts and before I knew it, I had a story. It was scary to figure out what to do next, but I made some wonderful friends on-line who encouraged me and walked me through it. I am not going to name them, because I would forget someone and feel horrible forever, but I will be eternally grateful for their help.
  • As far as my writing style, I am definitely a pantser. I usually have a general idea for my stories, beginning, end, plot points in the middle, but the bits in between change on me frequently. I let the character tell me their story.
  • My favorite place to write is probably sitting outside at a table somewhere. I have done my best writing sitting at a restaurant on an outdoor patio, although I generally save the sex scenes for when I am at home behind closed doors. I have this fear of some kid standing reading over my shoulder and asking their mother what a word means.
  • This time of COVID has been difficult as I am a people person and being in lock-down (as New York State has been until recently) has been very hard for me. I really like to interact with people. As my family says, I don’t know a stranger. I am very happy to be vaccinated and ready to rejoin the world.

Hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into who I am.

The Way to a Man’s Heart is my third published novel and the first in my new The Kingdom of Corazón series. I also have the third book of my Everyone’s Mechanic series coming out this year. I hope everyone will enjoy this new series.


way to a man's heart coverThe heart wants what the heart wants…

Christian Diaz grew up as the best friend and unofficial bodyguard to the Crown Prince of the Kingdom of Corazón. After an incident left him questioning his place in the castle, Christian joined the military and didn’t return for ten long years.

Now he’s been assigned to the castle as Royal Military Liaison to investigate the source of some recent threats against the crown. The annual Midsummer’s Ball is the perfect place for the anti-monarchy group to make their next move, so that’s where Christian will be too. If it gives him a chance to reconnect with his friends in the castle and make a play for the man he has compared all others to, it’s even better.

Max Ramirez is now the head chef for the castle. He started as a sous chef at age twenty when Christian was just an awkward teen. Now that Christian’s back at the castle, all grown up and interested in Max, the chef is determined not to let an opportunity with Christian pass him by.

When someone tries to sabotage the Midsummer’s Ball, Max and Christian need to work together to track down the people determined to make this event their last.


Ann Marie James is fluent in two languages, English and sarcasm. She believes that you will never learn anything new if you don’t read as much as you can, and/or talk to every stranger you meet. She always looks for the best in people and to treat people the way she wants to be treated. Above all Ann Marie believes in love, whatever form it takes. Relationships are hard, love is the glue that keeps it together.


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