new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week!

I am returning today from GayRomLit Retreat (aka GRL). As always, it has been a fabulous event (and, as always, I’m totally exhausted!). I got to reconnect with so many friends who are like family, many of whom I only see once a year. I also got to meet some fabulous new folks, which is always amazing. We had lovely weather and I got a chance to get out of the hotel pretty regularly, so I got a little sun amidst all that recirculated hotel air! Now that GRL is over, I’m looking forward to the Coastal Magic Convention in February, and then the Rainbow Readers Cruise in August. If anyone is interested in learning more about either event, let me know.

Today is the drive home, lots of coffee and audiobooks, and then I’m taking a day off to crash and recharge. Here is what we have planned on the blog this week…

  • Review: Benji by E.M. Denning (Jay)
  • Review: Our Sweet Revenge by A.V. Shener (Michelle)
  • Review: Breakfast at Timothy’s by Richard Tyler Jordan (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Faytte by Tim Rayborn

  • Review: Fugitive by Gigi DeGraham (Camille)
  • Review: A Ruse to Unchain Us by Michele Notaro (Kris)
  • Review: My Three-Year-Old is a Barbarian by Aaron Frale (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Temptation by Raven Stone

  • Review: Ravens Never Fall by Lori Ames (Jay)
  • Review: Violent Demand by Ariana Nash (Michelle)
  • Review: Out at the Plate: The Dot WIlkinson Story by Lynn Ames (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Rise Anthology

  • Audiobook Review: Assassin by Accident by E.J. Russell (Jay)
  • Review: Let Me Out by Emmett Nahil and George Williams (Jovan)
  • Review: Sweat Equity by Aurora Rey (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Gods and Monsters by Rachel Langella

  • Audiobook Review: I’m Your Guy by Sarina Bowen (Jay)
  • Review: Illegal Contact by Riley Hart and Neve Wilder (Michelle)
  • Review: Lone Wolf by Tessa Kane (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Twisted Tome by Vanora Lawless

And that should do it for this week. Enjoy!

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