Rating: 4.25 stars
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Length: Novella


The SOS Hotel is an ongoing series and the books are intended to be read in order. This review may then naturally reveal plot points for the first book in the series.

Adam Vex is fine. Really. He’s absolutely fine, of course he is—no issues here. It’s been two weeks since the opening of the SOS Hotel and Adam is groovy. Except, a sorcerer disguised as a real estate developer wants revenge; his partner, best friend, and sometime lover, Zee, can’t escape his contract at the sex club and now Zee is accused of murder; and Reynard, the resident vampire, has a vampire wife—a violent wife who has bad things planned for Adam. The pipes are leaking and there is still a shadowbeast living in the attic and Adam doesn’t know if he can trust Reynard. Adam has a lot to deal with, but nothing is more important than protecting his own secret.

Adam is just a human trying to do the right thing—right? Life at the SOS Hotel is a wild ride.

This is the second book in the SOS Hotel series and follows SOS HOTEL: For a Supernaturally Safe Stay! where Adam and his story were introduced. Adam can most certainly carry this series and his point of view is a wild place to be. Adam is introduced as unassuming and naïve, but unraveling Adam is a key point of the story.

This book moves the action along, as we learn about Reynard’s original motives. We also learn a little more of Zee’s story and how he is tied to the club. Adam’s story is slowly unveiling and I hope his reveal has the intended payoff. There are a lot of threads to this story overall and, if there is only one book left, I do hope there will be enough time to pull it all together.

This second book advances the story, but also has a transitional feel. The books are shorter and by the end I did wonder if this part truly needed to be its own book. The romance is not fully developed at this stage and I didn’t feel that this book advanced it so much either. I know what Adam says he feels and maybe wants, but we don’t see much of that played out and I would have preferred that to be a little stronger by this point in a shorter series.

Although there is violence and shady characters to be found, this series is entertaining and manages to come off as light hearted, which is due to Adam. It’s all good fun and Adam is a great character that you should get to know.