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Hi everyone! Today I am thrilled to welcome author SJD Peterson to the blog. When I saw the cover of Jo’s latest release, PUP, I couldn’t help but gush over how gorgeous it is!  So I am so excited that she has agreed to come chat with us today to talk more about PUP, her new Guards of Folsom series, and some of her other great cover art.

We are also super lucky because Joyfully Jay is getting the EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK at the cover model for the next Guards of Folsom book, and wow, is he gorgeous!  So please join me in giving Jo a big welcome!

First off, thanks so much for agreeing to stop by today, especially on such short notice.  As soon as I saw the PUP cover, I couldn’t wait to hear more about it because it is so incredibly beautiful. Can you tell us more about the cover and how it came about? 

pupIt’s totally my pleasure and thank you for asking me. I’m honored. *waves to everyone!!* Oohh and I agree with you, the cover is absolutely stunning!!!  I had a certain model and photo in mind. The photo however was one that was part of an exhibit in the National Museum. I knew I couldn’t get my hands on it so I sent the photo to Paul Richmond (Dreamspinner’s Associate Art Director) and he was able to come up with a look that was even better than the one I sent him. [Yes, he is delicious.  You can click to make bigger if you want to ogle more]

Now PUP is the first book in your new Guards of Folsom series. Can you tell us more about the book and your plans for the series?

Actually I call it a series but it’s sort of not, let me explain. Each book will be a “Guards of Folsom Novel” but no Book 1, 2, 3, etc. Think of it as – Pick your Kink – kind of thing. The title of each book is the kink you’ll encounter within the pages. In PUP, Micah is a naughty, adorable pup who needs a spanking in the worst kind of way to make him behave. In PUP you’ll meet Bobby & Rig, who are two of the stars of TAG TEAM, my very first M/M/M. The next is PONY… well yeah it’s pony play, and so on.

What binds these stories is the club run by Ty & Blake (Guards of Folsom) however each book is about different characters, how they meet, how they work through their issues all the way to their HFN or HEA. The neat thing about these stories if you follow them from the first book, is that you’ll get occasional glimpses of previous characters periodically in future books.

The next book in the series is called TAG TEAM and I am so excited that Joyfully Jay is getting to be the first one to share the gorgeous artwork.  And here it is…

tag team art

Can you tell us more about this picture, and how you came to have it for the cover? (Seriously, the lip biting? *dies*)

Actually a fan of my books contacted me and told me about someone she thought would be perfect for the cover and gave me his contact information. His name is Seth Knight and he was more than happy to send me some photos and this one was absolutely gorgeous and exactly what I was looking for. (Did you notice the goosies just like the model for PUP had?)  So fricken hot and I’m honored that Seth will be gracing the cover of TAG TEAM.

Now I see that both of these guys are in a similar pose. Is that head tilted back going to be a recurring theme among the series? 

Each book in the series will have a different model representing the sub, and each will have a sensual tilt to his head and in grey tones like PUP.  The big difference is each title will be in a different color.

TAG TEAM  is my first M/M/M and the thing about this series is that each sub has a major obstacle to overcome.  PUP, aka Micah, has adult attention span deficit, Mason from TAG TEAM has major social phobia and panic attacks, etc. So the series really is more about the “psychological” relationship between Dom and sub and how they work through issues together, rather than focusing on the sexual act or pain…. although there is plenty of hot sex too!

plan bThe cover for PUP is my favorite of yours so far, but I also really loved your cover for Plan B.  In fact, not only was it one of my favorite books in February, it was also one of my favorite covers.  Can you tell us more about it? 

This picture was from a photo I’d seen in S.A. McAuley’s  “Inspiration folder.” She was gracious enough to let me have it and I contacted the photographer. Ronaldo Gutierrez is a photographer out of Brazil who was gracious enough to let me use his photo for the cover of Plan B.

I also really love your Whispering Pines covers.  Can you give us some more background on some of them?

Quinns' NeedQuinn’s Need: I found the photo for this novel floating around Facebook. I did a google search and found out it was done by Carlos Arias a New York City based photographer. I sent the photo to my publisher and they contacted him and to my surprise he allowed us to use it. We didn’t change the photo at all, only added the Title and Name.

Tys ObsessionTy’s Obsession:  I couldn’t find what I wanted so I hired a local college kid who was taking a photography class. The model is a guy who works at the local Home Depot and the farm is in Northern Michigan. The photographer photo shopped the two images together.

And here are just a few others that I really like, also from the Whispering Pines series…

Lorcan's Desireconnor's courageJess JourneyRIVETED

Thank you so much for sharing all your beautiful artwork with us!  If readers want to know more about you or your work, where can they find you?

It was totally my pleasure and thank you so much for having me.  I am all over the web and enjoy (way too much) all the time sucks that is social media.

Or you can email me at sjdpeterson@gmail.com

I love to chat so don’t be shy and say HI



Thanks so much for stopping by today!