Why I Love BodyguardsRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novel

Hilton Burke, widely considered the most powerful businessman in the world, trusts his life, and the security of his many businesses, to his Head Of Security, Cathal McKinley.

Cathal’s father is ill and has been taking care of Cathal’s niece and three nephews for years, and now Cathal must return home to assess the situation and determine a course of action.  The news is grim; Cathal’s father has cancer, his sister Michelle is MIA, and Cathal is at a loss.  Hilton is there for him, though, with a lawyer and eventually a personal visit.

Cathal left home thinking he would not be accepted, but it turns out that his father is okay with Cathal being gay.  Pops is not just ill, he is dying, and Cathal didn’t have time to get to know him better (live with no regrets).  Cathal’s guardianship of the kids puts him in a tough position – stay in Montana with the kids or move them all to New York now that Michelle is in jail and pregnant again.

The two oldest kids, Randy and Elisa, are okay with their Uncle Cathal and Hilton being together even though they aren’t, but want to be…

In the end, Cathal and Hilton admit their mutual attraction and give in to their passion, but at the back of Cathal’s mind is the thought that Hilton won’t want to keep him around if he has to care for his nephews and niece, as well as to fight to gain custody of Michelle’s baby who may be born with birth defects due to Michelle’s meth addiction.  The question Hilton must ask himself is can he deal with five children?

I think that opposites attract situations are fun to read simply because the differences between the characters can vary so much and in Why I Love Bodyguards, we meet the insanely wealthy businessman, Hilton Burke, and his head of security, Cathal McKinley.

From the first chapter, we are let in on the secret that Cathal and Hilton are attracted to each other but refuse to deal with that attraction for all of the obvious, logical reasons. *rolls eyes* Cathal’s family issues are not beyond the realm of possibility and since we are already privy to Hilton’s feelings, his dropping almost everything to be at Cathal’s side made perfect sense.

To say there was tension in the story would be an understatement, whether it was between Cathal and Hilton, Cathal and his father, or Cathal and, well I think you get the point.  Cathal is a tension magnet but since he does not create the situations, he retains the down-to-earth, capable, no-nonsense persona that we can’t help but love.  Hilton shows himself to be a much more complex character than one would imagine.  The rich man who can change a lock, cook, and so much more.  Together, Cathal and Hilton made a formidable pair, but that alone is not a guarantee that a fledgling relationship and five kids could survive.

This is a standalone novel with hints of the previous book and using the MCs from Why I Love Geeks as secondary characters helped to establish some credibility within the story. Both of the characters were likeable, but there were things that just didn’t make sense, like the fact that Cathal didn’t know that Hilton had two dogs, really?  How could the man who knows “everything” not know that?

At the end of the day, I enjoyed Why I Love Bodyguards regardless of the minor issues I mentioned above. It dealt with many serious issues with the respect they deserved without becoming too depressing.  If you liked Why I Love Geeks featuring Herb and Chuck, you will like this and if you haven’s read Geeks, give them both a try.

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