fitting in audioStory Rating: 3.75 stars
Audio Rating: 4.5 stars

Narrator: Greg Boudreaux
Length: 4 hours, 22 minutes

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When two gorgeous cops walk into the bar, it is like every one of Mason’s fantasies come to life. Jack and Gray are there to investigate a string of robberies at nearby businesses and Mason can’t stop drooling over the men. When they return time and again to the bar to hang out and have drinks, Mason finds himself more and more drawn to the smoking hot pair. Soon it becomes clear to Mason that Jack and Gray are more than just business partners; their subtle gestures indicate they are romantically involved as well. So they are not straight after all, but if they are interested in each other, they aren’t going to want Mason, right?

As it turns out, Jack and Gray occasionally take on a third, and when they express interest in Mason he can’t help but want a chance to be with the gorgeous men. But Mason has had a bad experience as a third hooking up with an existing couple, so he is wary of getting involved. When it is clear that Gray and Jack have just the dominant vibe to meet all of Mason’s fantasies of submission, he gives in to his desire to spend time with the men.

throwback thursdayWhat Mason thinks will be a one night thing turns out to become a regular hookup with Jack and Gray. And more than that, he enjoys spending time with the men and they begin to see each other even outside of sex. And the sex with the guys is the hottest thing he has ever experienced, tapping in to all the desires he has kept hidden. But the more time he spends with Jack and Gray, the more Mason realizes he is falling for the men. He is wary of doing anything that might mess up their relationship with each other, but Mason isn’t sure how much longer he can be with the men when he knows he can never have them in his life for good.

Fitting In is a sexy menage story, heavy on the sexy. Most of the early part of the book is centered around the sexual experiences of this threesome, playing out Mason’s submissive fantasies and seeing the somewhat shy, young bartender get overwhelmed in the very best way by these sexy, dominant cops. There is a bit of dom/sub kink here and Violet does a great job showing how Mason is both in his element, getting everything he could want sexually, but also kind of overwhelmed with his sudden bounty he is not quite sure how to handle. The three men are smoking hot together and this story is absolutely fantasy wish fulfillment.

Mason is our POV character and we get some nice backstory that helps give us a sense of why he is anxious about getting involved with an established couple, as well as where some of his insecurities come from. I found him a likable guy and we get a nice sense of him being kind of overwhelmed, but also unable to resist these guys. I struggled with Jack and Gray however. We learn next to nothing about them; honestly the only thing I could tell you about either man is that they are cops and that Gray is a bit more on the dominant side than Jack. That and the fact that both men are very doting and take on somewhat of a caretaker role with Mason. But nothing about their backstories or personalties outside their connection with Mason. They just came across as too “fantasy object” with nothing substantial to back them up as characters. So when Mason was falling in love with them, I had a hard time understanding what it was about them, other than the sex, that he wanted. Conversely, I couldn’t really see what it was about Mason that drew them, as I didn’t feel I got to know them much. Now this is the first book of a series, so I am assuming more will come, but it did leave these guys a little flat.

This story is narrated by Greg Boudreaux (aka Greg Tremblay using his erotic romance pen name). As usual with this narrator, the audio is quite well done. What worked particularly well is the way Boudreaux was able to capture Mason anxiousness and kind of jittery personality, that sense of often being overwhelmed by his feelings and emotions. At times I think Boudreaux played this a bit strong, as Mason’s demeanor is so often stammering and stumbling when I would have expected at least some of the time he was more in control of his emotions. But overall I felt like Bourdreaux really captured Mason well. Jack and Gray’s voices are a little closer to one another than I would like, but overall I think the narration was really good and worked really well with the story. I haven’t read this book in written form, but it works quite well in audio.

So Fitting In is definitely a story where you need to expect more sex than plot. But the sex is delicious and the book definitely kept my attention. I would have liked to get to know Gray and Jack better, but I found myself entertained throughout he story and definitely interested in following these guys on throughout the series. So if you are looking for a hot, sexy menage, with an element of fantasy fulfillment, Fitting In is a great choice.

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