Rating: 3.75 stars
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Length: Short Story

Seb has been in London for six months and is still feeling his way around the dating world. He was in love with one of his closest friends and since that wasn’t meant to be, Seb has been unsure about how to find himself a relationship. His friends introduce him to Kiefer, and Kiefer then realizes that what is missing from his life is Seb.

Kiefer runs an art gallery and his life has been much different from Seb’s as Seb hasn’t had a relationship yet and his experience is limited. Seb’s friends have warned Kiefer to take it slow with Seb and much to Seb’s dismay, Keifer is doing just that. Seb is now going to go after exactly what he wants.

His First, My Last is set within the world of Hill’s Johnson Road series. I have not read that series yet, and while I was able to follow along with Kiefer and Seb’s relationship here, there are connections back to the series overall.

When the story opens, Kiefer and Seb are on their first date. How they met is mentioned, and maybe that was shown in one of the earlier books. Seb has been in London for six months, although it is not mentioned where he moved from and how or why all of his friends already live in London.

Seb is completely taken with Kiefer and wants to move their physical relationship further. Seb is a virgin and he’s ready to move forward with Kiefer. Kiefer, however, is taking things slow with Seb. We learn that Kiefer is presenting himself to Seb in a specific way, as he desperately wants to impress Seb, but Seb is already impressed.

This is a short and fast-moving story of Seb and Kiefer getting together and they fall in love quickly. Some of the characters from the other series do appear here and Seb has a longer history with them and while I did enjoy this story, It may have resonated just a little more if I was familiar with all of the connections and history already.

Fearne Hill is a new author to me and I liked her writing style and the characters and now I’m looking forward to starting book one in the larger series.

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