Today I am so pleased to welcome E.V. Olsen to Joyfully Jay. E.V. has come to talk to us about her latest release, Brutal Titan. She has also brought along a great giveaway. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!

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Exclusive Excerpt

Petrov sends the puck into the offensive zone and Jackson chases it down in the corner. Then Cornell’s biggest defender charges and cross-checks him into the boards, the hit vicious and dirty. Jackson crumples to the ice, his body going limp, and for a moment I swear my heart stops beating entirely.

I jump to my feet, a bit too fast to come across as curious. Bile creeps its way up my throat when Jackson doesn’t get up right away. Fuck, he may be knocked out.

Then the defender brings his stick down on Jackson’s side in a brutal slash. 

A menacing sound, almost like a roar, bellows up from deep within my chest as I punch the plexiglass. “Motherfucker, I will end you!”

I don’t even see Jackson anymore, my focus solely on the shithead who’s grinning. “You’re dead, you hear me? You’re fucking dead!” 

I slam my fist against the plexiglass again, and again, and again, the pain barely registering through the haze of my fury. I want to rip that smug motherfucker apart with my bare hands, want to make him bleed and beg and hurt for daring to touch what’s mine.

Raiyne lays a hand on my shoulder. “Killian?”

“Jesus, Blackwell. You okay?” Trembley juts his chin toward the glass, and fuck, there’s blood on it.

I look down at my hand and sure enough, I split my knuckles open. My teammates look at me, a mixture of concern and curiosity on their faces. But not the good kind. More like the ‘you have some explaining to do’ kinda way.

My body shakes and I turn back to the ice. Jackson’s staring at me, his eyes full of confusion, shock, and something else, something raw and vulnerable that makes my breath catch in my throat. 

But then he blinks and it’s gone, his expression shuttering closed as he pushes himself to his feet, shrugging off his teammates’ concerned hands.

“I need to get out of here.” I shove past my teammates and exit the arena before I do something stupid because seeing Jackson hurt, seeing him vulnerable, unleashed something dark and possessive and terrifying inside me. 

Something that roars mine, mine, mine and makes me want to rip the world apart to keep him safe.


brutal titan coverNorth Shore Titans, Book 2

Jackson Reed has been a thorn in my side since the day we met–always running his mouth, always itching for a fight. Our rivalry on the ice has left us bruised and bloodied countless times.

When our teams end up at the same hotel for the Regional Championships, the brutal Titan gets under my skin in a whole new way. A fight turns into a chase through the woods, and when I’m caught, it ignites a forbidden fire within me that can’t be stifled.

Our secret encounters grow more intense, and I find myself craving his touch, his taste, his infuriating smirk that both turns me on and makes me want to punch him in his perfect face.

As captain of the South Shore Serpents, getting involved with the star of our rival team is reckless. A betrayal.


But Jackson Reed doesn’t stop until he gets what he wants, and this time–it’s me.

Falling for the brutal Titan was never part of the plan.

Except he’s the most addictive bad idea I’ve ever had, and I can’t get enough.


ev olsen logoEV Olsen is a romance author who loves to write about Over The Top alpha males who are possessive and ?completely obsessed with their person or mate. Nothing will get in their way from claiming what’s theirs. She enjoys writing darker type romances whether set in contemporary, PNR, or even post-apocalyptic worlds.



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