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Length: Novel

It’s hard living in the shadow of someone famous, especially when that someone famous is your great-great-great-great uncle, the one and only Victor Frankenstein. Yes, that Victor Frankenstein. Named for his ancestor, the Victor Frankenstein who skulks down the halls of Fangville High tries not to attract any attention, especially from the loathsome foursome who take such delight in making his life hell. As one of the few humans in this school, Victor’s picked on more than most for daring to have a famous relative. But this time… they’ve gone too far.

With the help of Igor, his best friend, Victor decides to show them — to show everyone — what it means to be a Frankenstein. He’s going to make a monster better than anything his uncle ever did! He’ll be cuter, hotter, with an adorable ass and blue eyes, and he’ll help Victor make the bullies eat their words. By the time he’s done, no one in school will dare look down on him.

Today’s Victor is a nervous, insecure bundle of nerves and narcissism. He’s clever and quick, with a bright, brittle sense of humor and the sensitivity of a brick. And yet, even while he’s targeted by bullies — mocked for his humanity, used and made fun of — he only wants them to leave him alone. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, and he doesn’t feel rage and hatred as much as he just wants to be left alone.

Igor, Victor’s best friend, is also human. But, like many an Igor before him, he’s short, hunch-backed, and has an uneven gait, as one leg is longer than the other. He also has green skin and, because of all of these differences, fits in better than Victor. He’s kind, patient, smart, and observant. Some of which Victor can see and acknowledge, but … a lot of things go over Victor’s head and he doesn’t have the excuse of being short.

And then there’s Cole. Unlike his uncle, Victor gave his creation a name, and unlike his uncle’s monster, Cole is hot. He’s innocent, friendly, and open to any and all new experiences. But, cobbled together from body parts, is he even human? While Victor created him to prove his worth as a Frankenstein, he also kind of wants Cole to be his boyfriend, even with all of the ramifications of having made him custom order.

This is a YA story that reads a bit on the younger side, but it’s still cute and charming and a fun read. The plot twist was pretty well done and, while I personally might have wanted a little more time to develop the situation and to get a better look at who Cole was as a person (monster? creation?), I still enjoyed how the author went about putting the story together. All in all, I enjoyed it, but there’s not much depth to it. What you see is what you get, but what you get is some light-hearted fun.

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