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Length: Novel


Roman Dwyer is the ADA in Boston. He’s investigating, and ready to indict, a prominent politician, but Roman’s getting anonymous threats. And worse, things are happening around him and to him that make it seem like he’s losing his mind. When Roman finally tells his brother Wander what’s going on, Wander insists Roman leave Boston and come stay with him and his team. Weary and worried, Roman agrees.

Caleb is the team’s cyber specialist and he’s also a submissive. Submission, for him, gives him peace of mind and serenity. Roman isn’t a Dom, but he has a dominant personality. He’s also bisexual, and hasn’t indulged that part of his sexuality in years, both because he was married, but also because of his position as a district attorney. But Roman and Caleb connect instantly and the sparks fly between them. Though it was supposed to be one night, both men want more, but Roman is hesitant. Not only isn’t he a Dom, but he also is in danger, and he doesn’t want to put anyone else in the same position. However, the men can’t stay away from each other.

While they’re navigating the start of a relationship that neither man knows how to define, they are also investigating who is making threats against Roman and how they are able to do so. It takes time, but they finally get a lead. In order to chase it, Caleb has to put himself in the direct line of fire. His skills get him in the door, but it’ll take time to find answers. As Roman and Caleb take things to the next level, everything goes sideways. Caleb is in true danger, it’s a race against time to save him, and Roman is desperate not to lose the happiness and love he’s just found.

No Secrets is the third installment in the No Regrets series, a high-heat BDSM series that centers on a group of men who live, work, and share their lifestyle together. While each book is it’s own case and romance, and it is possible to read books individually, in my opinion it’s better to read them in order. The characters are introduced in the first book, and this carries through each story.

One of the things I love about Phoenix’s writing is her talent with characterization. Once again, No Secrets showcases this. Roman and Caleb are so well drawn, and the contrast between them is lovely to see. It especially is apparent in their proclivities within BDSM, but they are complex too. Caleb is a submissive at heart and gets joy and peace from surrendering. But he also is incredibly confident and competent when it comes to security and his cybersecurity talents. Roman is usually confident in his job, but that confidence has been shaken given everything he’s been through. On top of that, he’s struggling with the idea of truly coming out, and knowing that he needs to embrace his dominant side and train as a Dom, because that’s what Caleb needs. I really enjoyed watching the MCs work through all of this and figure out how to be together. Caleb is the one who claims Roman and he is the understanding support as Roman finds what he needs and wants out of life. I loved the switch from the what we usually see in D/s books.

While this is all going on, there’s a dangerous game afoot, and it seems it’s constantly one step away from ending in disaster. It’s clear from the start who is behind the threats, but I appreciated the way the team approached things. Phoenix does a good job of laying the clues and groundwork, so that when the climax comes, it’s rewarding. There’s a really good balance between the romance plot line and the mystery plot line. As the MCs move forward with their romance and grow as characters, the rest of the story progresses as well. Bouncing back and forth between the two works really well in this story.

All in all, this is another winner in the series. Phoenix has created a wonderful found family, and I love the support and care they all give one another. As a side note, there is a little bit of cross over with the No Shame series here (of which this series is a spinoff) and that was fun to see as well. I’m definitely invested in this series and can’t wait for the next book.