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Crissy and I are HUGE fans of Mary Calmes’ A Matter of Time series and between the two of us we have reviewed the entire series twice over, in both book and audio formats. While I thought But For You was the last Jory and Sam book we would get, Calmes just released Piece of Cake, a wedding coda for the guys, and of course Crissy and I couldn’t wait to read it.

In Piece of Cake, Sam and Jory are planning their wedding, and true to form things go crazy and trouble finds them. Jory ends up with a black eye and a stalker is trying to kill him. But Sam and Jory have weathered many storms in all their years together and there is nothing that is going to stop either of them from marrying the man of his dreams.

Crissy: Sam and Jory have long been one of my favorite couples. I fell hard way back when Sam was confused about… everything. I’ve read every single story that’s involved them, even in the most minor of roles. They are a power couple in my eyes and in my heart. So I couldn’t wait for their wedding. Again. Finally. And in true Jory fashion, their big day does not go off without its fair share of hitches.

Jay: Yes! I loved how right from the first paragraph we settle right into Jory and Sam exactly the way they have always been. Jory is in trouble, Sam is saving the day, things are crazy, and they are still totally in love. It was a perfect opening!

It was my wedding day, so of course, Sam Kage, the love of my life, was standing in the middle of our quiet suburban street in a navy three-piece suit with a yellow tie and a gorgeous yellow orchid boutonniere with his foot on the jugular of a guy who’d just tried to shoot me.

And just like that, I thought, we are back!

Crissy: I think the thing I like the most about this story is that it’s a cementing of the love we’ve all known was there from the beginning. Throughout the years Sam and Jory have had their ups and downs but they’ve mostly always had each other–even when they didn’t think so. This story shows that while some things never change, it doesn’t mean that they stay the same either. It’s the perfect happily ever after for Sam and Jory.

Jay: Exactly! I did a little squee when at one point Jory makes a comment about how he has felt like this with Sam since he was 22 years old. I feel like as readers we have seen these guys grow together so much (and Jory grow up himself) and now we get the reward of seeing them happy, established, living the life they always wanted together, and settled in a really satisfying way.

I also loved that Calmes made sure that the whole gang returns and I found it so satisfying to revisit this world with not just Sam and Jory, but also Dane and Aja, Duncan and Aaron, the kids, their friends, etc.

Crissy: I was just thinking that! Don’t forget Ian and Miro from All Kinds of Tied Down. Even their cameos made me smile. Mostly because of the mute button. And how much do I love Aaron and Duncan. Geez. I love that despite Jory and Aaron’s past, the four are such close friends now.

And as always, I love that this author kept true to Jory’s character. While I love an alpha male (and Sam is definitely that), I love Jory’s penchant for trouble. Sam has said time and time again how he’s a trouble magnet. I love that even though they’ve grown up and Jory has become a loving father and husband, he still has those incidents where he finds himself in the middle of craziness.

Jay: Yes, and I cracked up at the part where Jory says he hasn’t had trouble for a while and Sam raises his eyebrow and lists out a bunch of insane things Jory has done and that have happened to him! I agree that this story really balances giving us these guys as we have known and loved them, but also showing how much they have grown both individually and together. It especially cracks me up how their kids are so much like them with Kola a little Sam and Hannah just like Jory!

Crissy: And ohmigod! Hannah and Aaron. It’s so perfect.

Overall this story is the perfect happy ending for Sam and Jory and the perfect addition to this series. I couldn’t have hoped for anything better.

Jay: Yes, I agree. My only tiny quibble is that I felt things started a bit slow with Jory getting in trouble in the nightclub. I liked that it is the perfect set up to the rest of the book and shows us again how Jory is a trouble magnet. But for a shorter story I didn’t want to spend so much time there.

But as soon as we see these guys together, and Sam is his growly Alpha self, and Jory just melts into him, my heart was exploding! I just love their dynamic and found this story so satisfying! So yay! Another great installment in this fabulous series. If you haven’t read the A Matter of Time books, we both highly recommend them!

P.S. Just in case you are confused about the timeline here because Sam and Jory are already married in But For You, this book takes place after both But For You and Parting Shot. The guys had been married in Canada, but this in this story they are getting married again in Illinois now that it is legal in their home state.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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