Prey MateRating: 4 stars
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Length: Novella

This is a novella in the Dubious collection, all of which involve a marriage of convenience.

Cody is a human intent on escaping the savage hunting werewolves on his trail. He never anticipated hooking up with Ansel, and it could be his end, but he won’t die without a fight. Or, a hunt.

Derrick is a werewolf whose mission is to protect the secret of weres by any means necessary. If is means taking out a rogue werewolf who threatens to expose their secrets, then that’s what he’ll do. He’s infiltrated Ansel’s pack and taken the prime burden of hunting down the human who fled, but that’s just part of this hunt. As soon as he secures the human, he’s going back for Ansel.

Along the way, Derrick senses that Cody is different, not *quite* human, and surely he’s got some wolf blood in his line. When Derrick catches Cody, it’s not with the intent of capture; this is now a rescue mission. Derrick is sure that Ansel’s desire is to tap into Cody’s latent power—and the only way to negate that is for Cody to find a mate, right-quick, and transfer his wolfblood-power to another, less maniacal mate. Derrick is the only choice to hand, and it’s with deep regret that he accepts Cody as a reluctant mate–knowing that he’ll ache all his days for a man who doesn’t want him and won’t stay with him.

This is a sweet, action-packed novella with some yummy sexytimes and some fun lesbian mystics thrown in. I really enjoyed the sense of urgency, and the honest feelings expressed by both Derrick and Cody. I liked that Cody wasn’t a clueless kid. He’s been on the run for a while and rightly suspicious of any aid Derrick offers. Derrick is a tough guy with a heart of gold, and his developing feelings for Cody make their union so bittersweet. Cody isn’t ready for Derrick to fight all his battles. He’s also ready to admit he was wrong about many things, but never about accepting Derrick’s help, or love. So, expect some fast and furious bonding, a good deal of biting, and a crazed alpha who will not take no for an answer. There’s a lot of bloodshed in the end and an HEA that involves more than one grand gesture.

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