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When Devin Rice does his sick brother a favor and drops off Angel’s assignment for him, he meets sexy, smoking hot professor Seth Kent. Later, when Dev is at his favorite restaurant, he runs into Seth again, and because of the lack of tables, Dev offers to share. The two men have a great time and exchange numbers so they can hang out again. Dev is definitely quickly developing a crush.

Seth truly enjoyed his lunch with the sweet and sexy Dev, and when he gets home and Skypes with his partner of ten years, Leaf DeWitt, he tells Leaf all about it. Leaf can see what Seth doesn’t: that Seth is attracted to Dev. It doesn’t make him jealous. Because of his upbringing, Leaf doesn’t view relationships the same way as many people. And he hopes that Seth and Dev get together again.

After another lunch together, Dev heads to Seth’s house for a gaming intro and dinner. Only Leaf is there to greet him. Dev didn’t know about Leaf, but Leaf calms him down and the two men talk. Leaf immediately sees why Seth is drawn to Dev and after conversation between all three men, they realize the attraction is mutual and decide to date.

The three men fit together like pieces of a puzzle, and things are easy from the start. They take things slow and make sure they are all on the same page, but at the same time, feelings grow quickly. When Dev’s brother finds out, Angel goes off the rails. Not to mention, each of the men had difficult childhoods in one way or another. And things get worse when Angel finds the three men in a compromising position. But even as they deal with the fall out and work through the trauma of their pasts, one things is perfectly clear: loving each other is as easy as breathing.

As soon as I read the blurb on this one, I snatched it up. I couldn’t wait to see what Fielding did with these three guys and how it all came together. When there are so many personalities, sometimes its hard to make things work. Or things end up too good to be true. But Fielding does a fantastic job with this book and I really enjoyed it.

Each of the MCs is distinct and consistent. I loved them all for different reasons. And on their own, each one endeared himself to me. But what truly impressed me with this story is how effortlessly they blended together and how believable it all was. It stems from having MCs that were real and relatable. Each MC had his flaws and issues, but also huge hearts and wonderful traits. Dev is a complete sweetheart, and though he has anxiety that stifles him sometimes, he’s a genuinely open and caring man. Seth works far too hard, and has his own issues, but he loves Leaf with everything, and opens his heart easily to Dev. And Leaf kind of holds them all together, with his open-mindedness and huge heart. I liked the way they all balanced each other and supported each other. Truly, these guys fit so incredibly well.

The romance is the major driving force in this story, though there external conflicts that get in the way, and a few internal ones as well. The chemistry between the characters was so very good, whether all three together or in pairs. The heat just jumped off the page, and I was right there with them as they fell in love. Things do move a little quickly once they get over the initial carefulness, and I would have liked a little more time and explanation at a few tiny parts, but it wasn’t a huge detriment.

I did have a small issue with some of the information and how it was presented. In the beginning, it seemed like we were given information a bit slowly. Even though I knew there had to be some sort of “reveal,” it took the author longer than I wanted to get to it. This filtered through the book, where hints were teased but not fully explained until later. In some cases, this didn’t work as well for me because I felt like I was being strung along instead of feeling the tension that should have been there. But really, it’s a small quibble and one that is overshadowed by the larger, wonderful story.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve read a Fielding book, and I remembered why I enjoy this author. She has a way of crafting characters that really endear themselves to me and make me feel what they are feeling. Be warned that there are some issues of sexual abuse alluded to in this book—we get just enough information to know it happened without much detail—but while it shapes one of the characters, it is dealt with and isn’t dwelt on. All in all, this one is definitely a winner for me. Dev, Seth, and Leaf are a great throuple, and it’s a wonderfully done story. If any part of the book appeals to you, I urge you to pick this one up.

A review copy of this book was provided by Dreamspinner Press.

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