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Length: Novel

Tyler Calvano is a wolf shifter on the run with his son, Jesse. While meeting at a McDonalds for a custody exchange, his ex wife and her boyfriend were murdered right before their eyes. Now, the killers are after Tyler and Jesse, and they’ve traveled across the country to escape. Tyler gets a job in a small town, and now Tyler and Jesse become Tanner and Jason. Tyler enrolls Jesse in a daycare that seems safe. That’s where he meets Kelan, another shifter who works at the daycare center. Jesse loves him, and soon Tyler begins having feelings for him as well.

Even though Tyler is vigilant, he becomes comfortable with Kelan and trusts him with his secret. That doesn’t change Kelan’s opinion. In fact, Kelan says he’s all in and will do what he can to protect Jesse and their fledgling family. This eventually becomes necessary as Tyler, Kelan, and Jesse come under fire from not only the bad guys who killed Jesse’s mother, but from another local pack who’s abused Kelan for years. Do the men have a future for their growing pack in town, or will Tyler and Jesse have to move on and leave Kelan behind?

I really, really enjoyed this book. In fact, it’s one I would call “so nice I read it twice”. I read it straight through, and two nights ago, I settled in to poke through it in order to put together this review. Rather than simply skimming, I read the whole thing again and enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time.

All three of the main characters were compelling and appealing. I would think nothing of hanging out with them while they played with Jesse in the park, and I know I would fight right alongside of them when they were in danger. Tyler loved his son unconditionally and fiercely protected him. That’s a quality I admire in not only a character in a book, but in real life as well. The fact that he was a handsome wolf shifter was secondary. I felt the same about Kelan. He worked in a daycare, so he was protecting several children. It was merely an extension of that when Jesse begins to attend. As I mentioned above, Kelan willingly allied himself with Tyler in the face of danger and loved Jesse as if he was his own flesh and blood. I also loved little Jesse. While I did feel he was a little mature for his age, I took into consideration he’d seen the aftermath of his mother’s murder and the fact he was a wolf shifter himself. I thought it was adorable when Kelan had been beaten up, Jesse insisted that, since Tyler would kiss his boo boos to make them better, Tyler should kiss Kelan’s boo boos as well. Jesse took utter delight in that, and so did I. Children in stories like this can be written heavy handedly…either too precocious or not precocious enough…Jesse was just right. He was smart along with being adorable, and he cared about everyone.

On a more adult scale, I’m going to say I loved the chemistry between Tyler and Kelan. While it did feel a little instalove-ish, I didn’t mind. Like finds like, and what we had were two lonely wolf shifters discovering each other and realizing there is a definite pull to each other. Tyler, the Alpha, feels the need to protect Kelan (as proven when he threatens two other shifters who have been torturing Kelan since they were in school) and claim him as his own. Kelan wants to be protected, even though he has a difficult time admitting it. Several times he said, “I’ve been on my own for so long, I don’t need someone else to fight my battles.” Still, he willingly gives himself to Tyler and his “submission” was beautiful to read. Their love scenes were hot, but they were loving as well. The need to just touch each other and be close was sweet. I love the cuddling on the couch watching movies with Jesse. They made a lovely family. I was quite taken with them.

Eventually, things have to come to a head with the bad guys. There are actually two sets of them in Love Aggression. One is the locals, two brothers who, along with their mother, have been kicked out of a larger pack. As I said before, they’ve tortured Kelan since school. Then there are the other bad guys, the ones who were behind the murder of Jesse’s mother and her boyfriend. I thought it was interesting to discover the actual reason they were chasing Tyler and Jesse. It was kind of a surprise for me, and since I’m rarely surprised, I was pleased. There is a final clash between Tyler, Kelan, and even little Jesse, and all the bad guys. It wasn’t long, but it was action packed and well written.

There weren’t really any background characters who played a huge role in the story. Beth is Kelan’s BFF and the owner of the daycare center. She knows Kelan’s a shifter, and she eventually catches on about Tyler and Jesse as well. Not only is she protective of Kelan, she becomes true friends with Tyler and loves Jesse. Next, we have a unique character who Jesse calls Woof. Woof is a fellow shifter who strictly stays in wolf form. He’s been secretly looking out for Jesse ever since they came to town. There isn’t much information given about him, and I would have loved to know more. If I had my way, there would be a sequel, and Woof’s story would be explored (Hint, hint to the author).

The end of the story was relatively predictable. I wouldn’t call it a cookie cutter ending, but it was pretty obvious how it would go. I didn’t mind this at all. Tyler, Kelan, and Jesse deserved a happy ending, and the one they got was sweet and believable (I mean, as believable as wolf shifters can be). The family they built was charming and, like I said above, I would have loved to be able to spend time with them. They’re genuinely nice people. I recommend Love Aggression to anyone who enjoys a good shifter story with stand up and strong characters, and a sweet love story. If you’ve never read anything involving Alpha/omega shifters, this would be a nice start. It’s not hardcore, but you would get a good idea of what they can be like if the book is well done. I loved it, and I think you will too.

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