Rating: 4.75 stars
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Length: Novella

Nape MacGuffin is a human attending the elite, but financially troubled, College of United Monsters. His major is Historical Pottery Studies, and his class’ biggest rivals are the Automobile Theory and Repair class. They are supposed to haze and pick on one another, which is how Nape finds himself drenched on the way to class. Fortunately, the coolest professor in the school, Professor Red Herrin, offers to dry his clothes in the magic kiln. Of course, in the meantime, Nape is forced to wear pink booty shorts with Juicy written on the back he got from the lost and found.

When his clothes are finally dry, Nape changes in the kiln, only to overhear Professor Red Herrin plotting to explode the students of Automobile and Repair! What’s Nape to do but accept the fact that he’s been chosen by fate to intervene? He sneaks into one of the bays at the Automobile and Repair classroom, ignores the demand for eye protection, and is immediately poisoned.

Thankfully, Sthenny Boomslang is there to help. The bad, bad boy is a gorgon, and therefore immune to other monsters with gaze attack. He also gets a little bit high on drinking poison, so he helpfully offers to suck the poison from Nape’s body. And other parts as well. Of course, since the school of Automobile Theory and Repair blows up, the students are forced to come up with a convoluted theft plan in order to complete their midterm projects. Because if one student fails, they all do, and the program will be shut down. Since Nape has been chosen by fate, he’s there to help.

Of course, Nape gets kidnapped and has to go to extreme measures to gain his freedom. And once he does, he’s there to reveal the true villain and to save his arch rivals, and new boyfriend.

A new book in the College of United Monsters series! It’s no secret that I absolutely adore these books. They’re fun and funny, ridiculous and silly, and completely farcical. But Archer makes them work on a level I can’t even explain. The twist on all the supernatural creatures, and the humans that live amongst them, is highly entertaining. Not to mention, the breaking of the fourth wall is absolutely hysterical and perfectly timed.

The characters are, once again, unique and entertaining. Nape is a bit hapless, but he also knows exactly what he needs to do and has enough morality to do it, even if it means his rivals will benefit. It helps that if he just waits for the scene change, then things will turn around. The puns throughout this book made me smile, and really provided an entertaining read. And of course, there’s monster sex and new relationships formed. Sthenny cracked me up a time or two, and his arrogance really worked for him. I loved both the MCs, and I loved them together.

I didn’t even have to read the blurb on this one to know I wanted to read it. But reading the blurb will tell you all you need to know about the book, and the series. The same tongue in cheek humor is apparent there, and gives a good taste for the books. I’ll admit this series isn’t for everyone. But if you like something truly different, truly funny, and just this side of ridiculous, I absolutely recommend this book.

Joyfully Jay