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Length: Novel

Mia Bruce is a mid 50s woman of generous proportions who works as assistant to a personal assistant for some company now being taken over by another company. On the day the big bosses are coming in to inspect and reorganize, Mia is late to work and covered in muddy water, thanks to a rainstorm and bad luck at her bus stop. She’s trying to freshen up in the ladies room on her floor, but the hand dryer makes an awful stink and she’s in her bra and panties when confronted by her company’s new owner responding to the imminent fire threat with a fire extinguisher.

Mia gives Karl Miller, her sexy would-be hero, the tongue-lashing of a lifetime. Before she learns who Karl is. And, she’s none too pleased to learn that Karl, a billionaire Adonis in his mid 50s, has axed her beloved job, offering her either a position at one of his other companies or a generous severance instead. Miffed about the way this Monday has gone, Mia leaves work, accepting Karl’s driver’s services to avoid further damage to self or wardrobe to contemplate her choices. She laments that Liam, the driver, isn’t her new boss, because he’s sexy and sweet. Not like that perv Karl!

It turns out that Liam and Karl have been lovers for the past 20ish years. They are both bisexual, and had been partnered with women who broke their hearts and ran off with their children. Though it is a loving relationship, both Karl and Liam are open to having a third, preferably a woman. They just can’t seem to find one who wants both of them equally. Karl’s enamored of Mia, as her fiery temper really turned him on. Karl also loves being dominated, and Liam is happy to oblige. He’s only acting as a temporary chauffeur while Karl’s regular driver recuperates from illness—Liam himself is a wealthy artist and he and Karl both agree that Mia would be a lovely choice for a third, if only she didn’t hate Karl.

Okay, so it takes a bit of time for Karl to woo Mia. He tries to offer her job back, but she’s decided to use the severance money to launch her side gig catering business into a more professional operation. Sweet Things is the name of her company, and Karl ends up inadvertently drumming up a ton of business by making it a preferred caterer for several of his holding companies. That, plus new word-of-mouth jobs, gets Mia more business than she can handle in her little rental. Karl and Liam are both working the angles to get Mia to agree to a date with Karl, but she’s a bit more into Liam. It’s a few weeks and many romantic gestures before she reluctantly agrees to a dinner, where Karl totally charms her. And, it’s not long before she discovers that Karl and Liam are lovers, and figures that these sexy gay men were having a laugh on her. Liam’s dominant personality definitely convinces her that these men aren’t out to play anyone, and she gets the sexing of her life.

It’s a heady experience to be loved on by two gorgeous men, and Mia is really afraid that she’ll fall for both of them and they’ll decide they don’t need her as a third wheel. She tries to keep some emotional distance, but it’s so hard when Karl and Liam are the two most generous men on the planet. This is a MMF story, with M/M and M/F sexytimes thrown in for variety. There’s a wee bit of domination, but no BDSM, per se. Mostly, Liam just takes charge in all the sexy moments and Mia and Karl are only too happy to oblige.

There’s a bunch of chaos as Mia attempts to grow her business, promoted by connections of either Karl or Liam, and their wealthy and eccentric families become part of the dynamic quickly. We get Mia’s POV for most of the chapters, but Karl and Liam sometimes weigh in, too. The whole thing was either too easy or fairytale-esque, on the reader side of things. Honestly, if this wasn’t an erotic menage, readers might consider Karl’s persistence in pursing Mia as exceptional, to the point of near harassment. Mia’s insecurities in love stem from child abuse and abandonment by her parents, who brutally beat her as a child and teen. Karl and Liam’s generous and steadfast love are a balm to her broken soul. Also, it’s almost as if money is a shower they can just turn on. Mia’s suddenly bathing in love and fortune, with two men who are as eager to satisfy her as themselves.

We have some late drama with Karl’s children re-entering the family, after entire lifetimes of estrangement. Despite being in a menage with Karl and Liam for months on end, Mia’s not sure of her place, especially since she’s incapable of having children, but Karl and Liam have a plan to reel that gal in and make her a permanent third. Sexytimes abound, and it’s a pretty breezy read if one can overlook Mia’s memories of abuse. Again, I kind of went into this one thinking it was a bit of a fairytale, so I didn’t let things like reality get in the way of my enjoyment. A person who was a homeless teen and later has six- or seven-hundred thousand dollars in inheritance money but choose to rent a “modest” townhouse seemed unlikely to me, for example.

I have read a lot of menage, and I was struck that I’ve never read one where the heroine was both this curvy and this mature. It was a bold choice. Adding to the ethereal and unconventional plot was the lack of setting description. Stuff happened either in “the city,” or outside of “the city.” Where this city existed, no one can tell. I gave up hoping for details that I could specifically relate to by the end of the first chapter, and just let the story flow over me. If you are into MMF and menage stories, this one is interesting, and not too pretentious. The heroes and heroine are not altogether alpha or gratuitous, and the sexy bits are luscious and playful.

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