Rating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novel


It’s the wedding Auckland Med has been waiting for. Cam and Reuben can’t wait to be married and their friends can’t wait for Cam to calm down from his rigid planning. There is a lot of stress and more seems to be piling up every day. From the paparazzi watching their every move, to rugby, work, and taking care of family, Cam and Reuben have much to navigate. Still, their love and devotion to each other is strong and they both know that everything will be fine as long as they are together.

But there really is no end to the complications the men will face, as an unexpected opportunity presents itself and a near tragedy threatens to throw their entire future off course. While the men both want to protect the other, Cam and Reuben will have to work together like never before to live the life they both have dreamed of.

If you follow Jay Hogan’s writing, and especially the Auckland Med series, Cam will definitely be a highly recognizable character. Cam and Reuben’s story unfolded in the second book in the series, Crossing the Touchline, and You Are Cordially Invited would work best if you have at least read that book. It was really great to have another book focused on these men to close out the main arc and Cam and Reuben remain highlights of this series, as well as Hogan’s work in general.

Cam and Reuben are weeks away from their wedding and their relationship is solid and dreamy. Cam has taken over the wedding planning and all of their friends have been assigned a role. Cam is fierce and controlling and has expectations, but he also is devoted to Reuben and their family. The moments between Cam and Reuben show how solid and in love they are and then how important their friends are in their lives. It was certainly a highlight to see Cam’s softer side, as well as how devoted their friends are and how much they truly want Cam to be happy.

There are a lot of obstacles in their way throughout this book and the men continually try to protect each other by doing what they think is best. This is not an extended epilogue where everything is smooth for them. They have a routine down with Cory, Reuben’s nephew that has autism whom Reuben adopted, but there are still threatening family issues they have to contend with. Everything else that happens to them is best to see unfold as you read, but there is an opportunity presented to them, as well as a near tragedy, and both will change their lives.

For this being their last book, there was a lot piled on these characters. It was great to see them handle all the challenges they faced, but I would have liked a little more down time for them. By the end, they have all the love and happiness they have been working for, but my preference would have been to enjoy that with them a little more with less stress every step of the way.

Cam and Reuben remain two great characters that are fiercely loyal to each other. The group they surround themselves with only adds to their lives and it was great to see them as they move forward with their future. While there could certainly be more stories to tell for Cam and Reuben, Hogan states that the only other possible books for this series would most likely be for side characters already introduced. So this is the best opportunity to enjoy more from Cam and Reuben.