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Length: Novel


Phil isn’t like other pixies. Sure, he has the coloring — pink wings, pink lashes, magenta-tipped hair, and pink pixie dust — but what he doesn’t have is the traditional … er, build. Phil is over six feet tall, making him tall for a human, let alone a pixie, and it’s caused more than a few problems. Pixies can be vicious and Phil has been a giant target for the cruel comments, jokes, and laughter. As a home-and-hearth pixie, all Phil wants is to find a house to live in and a family to call his own, but what family wants a person-sized pixie moving in rather than a properly dainty and delicate creature? So Phil is left with no family, no home, and doing his best to keep the one job he has, even if he hates it. As a bouncer for a club, Phil’s expected to be intimidating. Strict. No-nonsense and no glitter. Instead, he’s wringing his hands and causing patrons to explode into sneezing attacks with his pixie dust flying everywhere. When a chance at a new job comes, serving as a housekeeper to a wolf shifter and his newly orphaned niece and nephew, Phil leaps at the chance. Especially since he’s honestly terrible at being a bouncer.

Sedrick’s brother and sister-in-law are dead and all he has left are Dillon and Ruthie (7 and 5 years old, respectively), and their asshole grandfather is trying to take them away from him. Arie Belview is known to be a power hungry, ruthless, and amoral monster, and Sedrick has no intention of letting him near either of the kids. When Sedrick’s lawyer suggests he get a home-and-hearth pixie to look after his very unkempt and messy house in order to keep Belview from using it as an excuse to claim custody of the children, Sedrick goes looking.

But what pixie can keep up with a couple of were children? A six foot tall one, apparently.

This book seems to be a standalone, which is a criminal injustice. The world created by M.J. May in this story is warm and wonderful and I would happily devour an entire series about the pixies, vampires, weres, fae lawyers, and murderous garden gnomes. The world building is just familiar enough to anyone who reads a lot of paranormal romances, but there are small touches that make everything stand out in a new and delightful way. The gnomes especially. I loved the gnomes.

Phil has no idea what he’s doing. While he’s a home-and-hearth pixie, he’s never actually been able to explore his identity. No one wants him in their home, not even for a brief moment, and so when faced with Sedrick’s small family and ramshackle house, Phil’s left to rely on his instincts. Phil has an enormous heart, a good dose of common sense, and a natural light that just radiates from him. He never pushes his way into someone’s heart; he just shows up, like sunlight, warming the chill recesses of lonely hearts, unaware of how much of himself he’s pouring into other people. Fortunately, Dillon and Ruthie are like wilting flowers, blossoming in the face of Phil’s love.

Sedrick pushed his brother away, angry that he’d chosen Arie Belview’s daughter as his wife. Which meant that, for the past seven years, he’s been alone with no pack. Sedrick’s brother died, leaving him no chance to make amends, but his brother obviously trusted him enough to award him sole custody of his children, and it’s a gift that Sedrick will never forget. When Phil comes into his life, at first it’s simple relief that someone can help take care of the kids and the house, but as he gets to spend more time with Phil, Sedrick realizes just how much more the place feels like a home when Phil is in it.

This book is a slow burn, like a banked fire leeching heat into a room. It’s cozy, comforting, and full of lovely little moments of family bonding mixed with humor, and world building tucked in here and there. Peaches, Phil’s best friend, is adorable. He’s determined to help Phil, even at a cost to himself. He’s kind, patient, and endlessly giving … and I’d give a great deal to see a story about him and his own potential romantic adventures. Even Ray, Sedrick’s lawyer, comes across as a developed character, and — again — I’d just devour a series written in this world.

Reward yourself with this book, because it’s just that fun and sweet and good. I loved it, and hope you do, too.