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Length: Novel


The Whole World Tinder is book 3 in the Flint & Tinder series. The books are intended to be read in order and this review may reveal ongoing plot lines.

Emmett is still mostly adrift. He’s living with Jim and hasn’t figured out what to do with his life going forward. Emmett is still not feeling all that stable from the trauma he has sustained, but he wants to make life work with Jim and he’s determined to show him by doing something nice for Jim’s birthday. But nothing goes the way Emmett wants and then his parents want to see him. Emmett’s parents want him to visit a girl that survived burns in a car accident, but Emmett sees it for what it really is—a way to help his father with his political aspirations. But Emmett agrees and when he and Jim get to their visit, that’s when it all goes wrong—again.

After an attack on the cabin, the girl and her mother, are kidnapped and Jim and Emmett are on the run. Forces are coming from all sides, and Jim and Emmett will face true danger as they try to rescue the kidnapped pair. Emmett and Jim both have trauma in their past and as much as they try and distance themselves from it, their past keeps coming to find them.

The Flint & Tinder series is a spin off from Ashe’s Hollow Folk series and Emmett is a character I was really looking forward to getting more from. He stole many scenes in the previous series and Emmett doing his thing on page is an entire mood. However, this series has so far underwhelmed me.

Emmett is stuck where he is and, after the trauma he survived, it makes sense, but Emmett has not moved forward since book one. Sure, he’s out of the hospital and he’s living with Jim, but everything seems to be constantly circling around and around. This book has Emmett and Jim battling more forces, including evil from Jim’s past, and it was good to get more back story on Jim. During the rest of the story, though, there were times that it was difficult to follow what was happening and, more importantly, why it was happening.

I don’t buy Emmett and Jim as a couple and the greatest moments in the book were when Vie was on page, because Vie and Emmett are still magic together. Jim and Emmett are trying to have a relationship, but I feel that we don’t get to see that much of it on page. Jim is still hung up on the fact that he used to be Emmett’s teacher and about their age difference. They do battle with each other constantly and I just don’t feel these guys are a romantic match for each other.

I would have liked a better story for Emmett throughout this entire series. The end of the book leaves another door opening for more battles and I will say, that one does have me intrigued, but mostly I feel disappointment in the direction of this story.