Today I am so pleased to welcome J. Scott Coatsworth to Joyfully Jay. Scott has come to talk to us about the Earth 2100 anthology. Please join me in giving a big welcome!

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Building a (Second) Anthology

A year and a half ago, we sent out a call for hopepunk science fiction tales – stories where the protagonists work toward a hopeful ending. For Transform the World, we wanted stories of cultural, governmental or societal change that made the world a better place.

We received more than seventy entries, and some amazing stories. We released the anthology last fall to critical acclaim.

But we had a problem.

Among the remaining stories were a number of other tales that were just as good, but that didn’t quite fit the remit. They weren’t hopeful enough, or they didn’t epitomize the kind of change in society that we were looking for.

And then it hit me.

Why not put together another anthology?

All of these stories were near-future tales set on Earth.

And so Earth 2100 was born.

This second anthology depicts some amazing future worlds:

  • A woman who builds a new kind of transport chair for the disabled
  • A cyborg who carries in his chest the last human heart
  • Children who become plants to save the world
  • A woman who claims she met aliens while cleaning up pollution
  • The last humans who haven’t yet uploaded to the cloud

And many more – eighteen captivating sci-fi tales of the world the day after tomorrow.

Welcome to Earth 2100.


earth 2100 coverEarth on the Cusp of the Twenty-Second Century

How the world has changed in the last seventy-six years. In 1948, scientists ran the first computer program, and “the Ultimate Car of the Future,” the futuristic, three wheeled Davis Divan, debuted. Since then, a succession of inventions—the personal computer, the internet, the World Wide Web, smart phones and social media—have transformed every aspect of our lives.

The next seventy-six years will change things too, in ways we can barely even begin to imagine. Culture, climate change, politics and technology will continue to reshape the world. Earth in 2100 will be as unrecognizable to us as today would be to someone from 1948.

Eighteen writers tackled this challenge, creating an amazing array of sci-fi possibilities. From emotional AI’s to photosynthetic children, from virtual worlds to a post-urban society, our writers serve up compelling slices of life from an Earth that’s just around the corner.

So dive in and take a wild ride into these amazing visions of our collective future.

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  • Tim Newton Anderson
  • nathan bowen
  • Elizabeth Broadbent
  • Gail Brown
  • J. Scott Coatsworth
  • Monica Joyce Evans
  • Isaiah Hunt
  • Blake Jessop
  • E.E. King & Richard Lau
  • Morgan Melhuish
  • Eve Morton
  • Christopher R. Muscato
  • Jennifer R. Povey
  • D.M. Rasch
  • Joseph Sidari
  • Mike Jack Stoumbos
  • Joseph Welch
  • KB Willson