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Cannon Malloy has finally found his confidence and his ability to be himself. A little make up goes a long way in showing Cannon what he’s been missing. As hard as he tried to run from his feelings for Finn, they remain true. And with his new confidence, Cannon decides to do something about it. After all, it’s just sex, not a relationship. Surely he can separate the two.

After being blackmailed to break his own rules, Finn Lorensson is suffering a plight of his own. The student that swore to leave him alone now wants more and is blackmailing him once again, but this time the threat extends to Cannon, even though Cannon has no clue. And now Cannon shows up at his door, a willing partner in Finn’s bed. And as much as he wants Cannon, Finn wants to protect him even more and that means standing up to the man who’s already pulled a gun on him once.

Cold Feet is the third short in Lee Brazil’s In from the Cold series, part of Pulp Friction 2014.

We’re finally getting somewhere people. No more running for these guys… well, for Cannon anyway. When we see Cannon in this story, he’s finding himself. A new man. And can I just say the make up? Damn sexy. I love Cannon’s new sort of confidence. He’s kind of found himself. And by that, I have a feeling that a lot of his outward confidence is bravado, and that his thought that he can just have sex with Finn and walk away is just him trying to have his cake and eat it too. Is it mean to say that I look forward to his coming to realization?

Finn’s journey in this story is that of identity crisis. Not that Finn doesn’t know who he is. He’s a strong, capable man. His crisis comes with bending his morals to protect Cannon and then having to deal with the aftermath, which includes more blackmail to protect Cannon. I like this vulnerability that makes the god-like man real. The conflict, inner turmoil that Finn suffers makes this installment so great.

This is, so far, my favorite installment of the series. We’re getting into the heart of the matter with both men and the drama that comes with it. I have a feeling that the whole student/teach conflict is going to play a major role in this story arc and I look forward to it.

I love this series and the entire world created by the Pulp Friction group. I can’t wait to see what’s next for Cannon and Finn. I highly recommend Cold Feet and the entire In from the Cold series.

Note:  The stories in this series must be read in order. If not, they will not readers will miss out on previous events and may not understand the events of the stories completely.

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