Unbreaakable Stories: RoweRating: 4.5 stars
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Length: Novella

Unbreakable Stories: Rowe is set after the third book in the Unbreakable Bonds series. It is not intended to be read as a standalone and is best having read at least that third book, Torch, but really this series is all connected and works best read in complete order from the beginning to be able to properly connect to this world.

This book is made up of seven short stories that highlight the relationship between Rowe and Noah. Some of the stories are shorter than others and comprise just a scene between the men and it wouldn’t do the compilation justice to review them individually. What I have enjoyed about the other compilations in the series and enjoyed about this one as well is that the stories are designed to show the men with their guards down and living at a slower pace than we see them in the full-length novels.

This book features stories showing Rowe still grieving, yet trying to move forward from his wife’s death and the men forging ahead with new holiday traditions filled with sexy games. There is also a rare and poignant moment as Noah goes back to the house he lived in with his grandmother and faces down old ghosts.

One of the highlights of this series is the family all of the men have made together and some of these stories further illustrate the true bond all of the men have. From a skilled  paintball game to sparring at the office, the competitive streak between the men is fierce but all in the name of a good time. Noah and Rowe really come into their relationship throughout all of the stories and by the end are solid through and through. There is no camping to be had this time around but the pranks are rampant aboard a weekend getaway on a boat that brings most of the men together for a rare moment of relaxation.

While I found Rowe the most difficult of the men to warm to throughout the series, Noah more than makes up for it and being with all of the men again further illuminates that their bonds are just as the name depicts–unbreakable. This collection offers fun stories that bring the sweet and bring the heat and are a must read if you have followed this series.

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