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Callen Blackheath is the first to admit he is a bit of a smart-mouthed agent, but he is also the guy that gets things done. While he is definitely his supervisor’s worst nightmare when it comes to following orders, Callen is also the shifter that will run into fire to save a guy—hence, his current dilemma of being in a building that should have been empty and finding a guy who is bloody, barely able to speak, and in danger of being burned alive. Callen springs into action and discovers more than he bargained for behind the locked door he gains access to—the scientist in question is sporting a bite mark and the blood on him is from someone who Callen knows.

Liam Thatcher is leading an undercover operation to pinpoint the head of a group that is developing a drug that will enhance vampire capabilities. It’s not only in the advanced testing phase, but Thatch discovers that the blood of wolf shifters—mainly women and female children—is the key to making it. In his attempt to save the shifters and upon discovering the main scientist in charge of the program, he is bitten—and in trouble. Then Callen arrives to save the day and Thatch discovers the man is not only a bit foolhardy and brash, but sexy as hell and aces at getting under his skin in more ways than one.

Thicker Than Water by Becca Seymour begins with a real bang and doesn’t let up. This novel is a fast-paced action thriller with a dash of romance thrown in for good measure. I really appreciated how the author chose to keep the attraction element between Thatch and Callen simmering almost the entire novel and give it just enough fodder to keep it percolating, but not overtake the plot. Instead, the book is really is all about unraveling the mystery of who is the head of the group developing the drug and the cold-blooded, systematic sacrifice of female shifters used to get results. When Callen finally learns just how those he loves are involved, his pain is realistic and his frantic worry to save others make for the heart of a good story that has multiple twists and turns.

I also admired how both Thatch and Callen stayed focused on the mission and remained resolute in not making their growing attraction the goal of their time together. While I do think there is one instance where the timing and placement of a particular scene of intimacy is questionable given the time constraints of the mission they are in the middle of at the time, overall I felt the author balanced the romance (read longing looks, stolen kisses, and mutual getting off) with the story’s need for fast pacing quite well.

One other proponent of this story stood out to me. The mix of different paranormal creatures and the idea that vampires could work so closely with shifters is a nice spin to this story. So often novels pit these two groups against one another and rarely have them working together seamlessly. Here, not only did they coexists and team up, but Callen’s best friend is a vampire and the team’s technology wizard is a vamp as well. I loved how the author chose to focus on the almost human aspects of the vampires rather than make them creatures driven by blood or hampered by losing their control when provoked.

Thicker Than Water is a great action adventure story with a fascinating plot that shows real restraint when it comes to making the romance integral to the novel, but not so as to overwhelm the storyline. Fans of the paranormal genre may want to check this one out. It is well worth it.

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