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Length: Novella

Freelance photographer Mal Donnelly is always a professional, even at the promo shoot for a gay porn film when it’s hard to stay focused. Especially when one of the models is Alejandro Morroquin. Mal has always thought Alejandro was beautiful, but now Mal knows he’s kind too. And flirty. Mal can’t believe anyone like Alejandro would even look at him twice. But he does more than that. He asks Mal on a date.

Alejandro, despite being a porn actor, is actually rather shy. And it’s taken him six months to work up the courage to ask the beautiful photographer out. The two men connect on a deeper level than just physical attraction, though that certainly is a big factor. As one date turns into two, and then three, both Mal and Alejandro face insecurities. But there’s no doubt they’re both ready and willing to see where this relationship between them goes.

Kiss Me was a quick, cute read that sucked me in and pulled me along. I liked both the MCs and felt their chemistry instantly. At least physically. There’s no doubt that these guys are attracted to one another, and I liked the dynamic of Alejandro being the shyer of the pair, especially considering what he does for a living. I also really liked the easy way they accepted one another, their quirks, and how they fit together. There’s no doubt these guys sparked and sizzled.

I also really liked that Mal didn’t have a problem with Alejandro’s job, though he did experience some insecurities in regards to experience. By the same token, Alejandro wasn’t ashamed of what he does, and he wasn’t trying to hide it, nor was he forced into porn by some horrible circumstance, as is often seen in the genre. Alejandro is proud of what he does, but it’s a job and he treats it as such. I thought it was nice to see, and it added another level to the dynamic for me.

But I will say that I didn’t quite feel the MCs connection beyond the physical. As much as I liked the glimpses we got, I felt that there wasn’t enough time spent on them getting to know each other. Which would have been fine, except it seemed clear that the author wanted the reader to experience that they had a deeper connection. The dialogue between the MCs, especially toward the end, made this particularly clear. But while I liked these guys a lot, and was definitely on board with their relationship, I felt this was a missed opportunity to show more of them getting to know each other so the reader could experience it as well.

Overall, though, it’s a cute, quick read with a little St. Patrick’s Day thrown in and great chemistry between the MCs. If you’re looking for a nice story that doesn’t go too deep, consider picking this one up.

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