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Nolan and Gannon are best friends, but both are feeling more for each other. However, neither man has been brave enough to admit his feelings. Gannon is particularly anxious, as an injury during military duty has left him with erectile dysfunction, and he assumes this will prevent anyone from ever wanting a relationship with him.

Alden has watched his two business partners find boys and a forever love, and that is what Alden wants for himself. He has been interested in his assistant, Gannon, for a while, but he hasn’t had any sign that the man returns his attraction or that he is interested in a Daddy/boy dynamic. Alden also can’t help but notice Nolan as well, but he can see that the men are clearly interested in one another, they just can’t let themselves share their feelings.

Alden wants what is best for both Nolan and Gannon, and he assumes that means one another. And Alden is willing to do whatever it takes to help the pair find their way to each other. But with Nolan and Gannon also drawn to Alden, things are getting complicated, especially as the pair begin to learn more about a Daddy/boy dynamic and realize it might be for them. Alden, Nolan, and Gannon may be the perfect fit all together, if they can open up to each other and figure out how to move forward as a triad.

Stubborn Boys is the third book in K.M. Neuhold’s Perfect Boys series. All of the characters show up in earlier books (and those MCs show up here), as the three Daddies are best friends and business partners and their boys are friendly as well. This book assumes some familiarity with the relationships and a bit of backstory that new readers may be missing, but I think this could work on its own.

This story is sweet and easy, for all that these guys need to just relax and open up to each other. Nolan and Gannon are both into each other, but afraid to admit it. Alden is hot for Gannon, but worries he isn’t interested. And no one is quite sure if either Nolan or Gannon are interested in Daddy/boy dynamics. But for all that, it is mostly a matter of getting these guys to talk and share their feelings, and then giving them time to explore things together. The men are a sexy trio and I liked the way that Alden is able to help the other two to find their way to each other. What makes it most rewarding is that Alden doesn’t get left behind, but that they realize they are all meant for each other. There is lots of sexy sweetness and it’s a pretty low angst story once the guys get moving on the right path forward. The fact that Gannon works directly for Alden is a non-issue that I wished had been at least acknowledged, but no one seems to mind them having sex in Alden’s office or the fact that Alden is Gannon’s direct boss.

As with Brave Boy, what I felt was missing here is a sense of these men beyond the immediate story. Gannon is a veteran who lost a leg in a roadside bombing and had to re-align all his expectations for his career upon leaving the military. Nolan grew up so poor he lived in a car for years. And Alden is a man of seemingly limitless wealth (as with all the Daddies). But while we get the basic facts, we really don’t get a lot of detail, nor do these backstories really impact any major character development, beyond Nolan’s sensitivity about his car. I wish things delved a little deeper for all these men to really round out their characters.

That said, I found this one an enjoyable story that fits well in tone with the other two books. We have seen these men in past stories and I was eager to watch them get their HEAs. So if you are looking for a sweet and sexy Daddy/boy story, particularly a wealthy Daddy with two stubborn and fiesty boys, check this one out.

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