new coming this weekHi all! I hope you had a great week and that all the folks celebrating enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday! We had a great long weekend and both my girls were home, which was amazing! We so seldom get them both at once for any length of time, so it was great to have a full house again. We spent the holiday with my in-laws and extended family. And started Thanksgiving with my tradition with my girls — homemade cinnamon rolls and watching the National Dog Show!

And now here we are with Friday being December! I feel like the end of the year is racing toward us and I am in no way prepared! But I’ve got to get it in gear, as I have both Chanukah and my husband’s birthday coming in just a couple of weeks.

We will have some end of year festivities here on the blog as well. But in the meantime, here is what we have planned this week…

  • Review: Pumpkin Spice and Chill by F.A. Ray (Elizabeth)
  • Review: Beside the Darker Shore by Patricia J. Esposito (Jovan)
  • Review: Etched on Your Skin by Brienne Lee Carter (Michelle)
  • Review: Get Frosted by Amy Aislin (Veronica)

  • Review: The Hitman’s Guide to Codenames and Ill-Gotten Gains by Alice Winters (Jay)
  • Audiobook Review: Season’s Change by Cait Nary (Veronica)
  • Guest Post: Last Courtesan of Olympus by Amanda Meuwissen

  • Review: Saints Like Him by Aimee Nicole Walker (Kris)
  • Review: A Winter Redemption by Gigi Rivers (Michelle)
  • Review: O, Christmas T(h)ree by Rodney Ross (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: Rainbow Readers Cruise with Chloe Archer

  • Review: Rough Heat by Marina Vivancos (Jay)
  • Review: Mirror of My Heart by Laura Weyr (Elizabeth)
  • Guest Post: My Three-Year-Old is a Barbarian and Other Parenting Problems by Aaron Frale
  • Review: Dollface by Liv Rancourt (Camille)

  • Review: Heal Me by Beck Grey (Jay)
  • Review: Julian and the Ghosts of Moorcliffe Hall by Rowan McAllister (Sue)
  • Guest Post: Red Flagged by Elle Keaton

And that should do it for this week! Happy reading!

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