Today I am so pleased to welcome Kate Hawthorne to Joyfully Jay. Kate has come to talk to share an exclusive excerpt from her latest release, Until You Say Otherwise. She has also brought along a copy to give away. Please join me in giving her a big welcome!


Hi, everyone! My name is Kate Hawthorne, and I’m excited to drop by today and offer up an excerpt from my new release, Until You Say Otherwise. This book is a kinky May/December romance that tells the story of Richard and Sam. Until You Say Otherwise is the fourth and final book in my Lonely Hearts Series, but can be read as a standalone.


Half an hour later, Richard found himself with two blue balls in his left hand. He arched an eyebrow at Sam.

“Are you sure you’re not twelve?”

Sam nodded through his laughter. “You have blue balls.” He snorted and dropped the purple ended mini-golf club onto the astro turf.

Richard swung his yellow club out and smacked Sam on the back of the thigh with the rubber end.

“Ow!” Sam shouted, still laughing as he rubbed the back of his thigh.

Richard dropped the balls down onto the starting pad and lined himself up to take his first swing.

“Oh, God, you’re taking this seriously, aren’t you?” Sam’s laughter calmed, but his face remained a beautiful and happy shade of pink.

Richard glanced at Sam with a serious look on his face.

“I think we should make a bet.”

“A bet?” Sam questioned. “I thought this was my congratulations on being a moderately capable adult mini-golf game.”

“Moderately capable adults can make bets.” Richard looked back down at his ball and took a swing, propelling the ball down the bumpy yet straight ground toward the hole.

Sam stepped in behind Richard, pressing his body against Richard’s back before he leaned down to situate his ball on the tee.

“What sort of wager?” he asked, straightening his chest and hips along Richard’s body. Sam’s cock was twitching against Richard’s thigh.

“If I win, we go play downstairs when we get home, and I decide what to do to you.” Richard glanced at Sam’s still pink face and reached his hand between them to grab Sam’s cock.

“That doesn’t sound like a loss for me.” Sam kept his body against Richard’s and pushed into his hand.


“If you win, we go play downstairs, but you get to choose what we do.”

“Sounds like a win-win,” Sam panted.

“Then you have nothing to lose.”

“You’re on,” Sam thrust his cock against Richard’s palm. Richard laughed and released Sam, stepping away.

“Take your shot, then.”

Sam groaned and focused his attention on the blue ball on the tee. He swung and the ball flew down to the end, bouncing off the concrete lip that separated the holes before rolling back into the cup.

Sam looked up at Richard with a victorious smile on his face. “I think I want some more of that riding crop.”


Harrington is tired of saying goodbye.

Richard is thirty-six and tired of the same old thing. A Dom with a room full of underused toys and life of unfulfilled promise, he decides it’s time to move on from one night stands and to search for something real and lasting. Richard wants someone who will submit and push their limits for him, but the last place he expects to find that person is on his doorstep.

Sam Sanders is determined.

Unable to continue living at home, he packs a few belongings and sets out on his own. Even though he’s living in his car, he believes a decent future is within his reach, and he’s ready to begin living his life and maybe even find love. With a little bit of luck, and a lot of determination, Sam finds a job and also ends up in the company of a generous and handsome stranger.

Two men are searching.

Sam is still trying to figure out what he wants in life, but Richard already knows. He wants Sam—the vibrant young man with glossy lips, a hungry stare, and who looks so pretty on his knees. With his unconditional acceptance, Richard offers Sam something no one else has and, in turn, Sam inadvertently shows Richard a love he’s never known.

Somewhere along the way, play becomes serious for these two very different men. As Sam works toward being able to stand on his own, Richard is forced to face his growing affection for the man who kneels so willingly at his feet. When a near tragic event puts their relationship into perspective, Richard realizes that sometimes holding on also means letting go. Will Sam be able to reconcile his need to be independent with Richard’s desire to keep him forever?


Kate Hawthorne lives in Los Angeles  with her husband, tiny human, and four legged child. She has tattoos, drinks coffee, and writes dirty books about men in love. You can almost always find her on Facebook talking about whatever filthy idea she’s just written.


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