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In service to the Queen, Ervyn and Lochan remain part of an elite group of elves. Constantly on the move, they take out enemies and then disappear once more. They are dedicated to their jobs and they are dedicated to each other. The two of them have come a long way from resisting the pull to be together to now being everything to each other, and their bond is strong. Ervyn and Lochan each know they belong to the other, but they both have moments when uncertainty edges in, as those precious words haven’t been spoken yet.

Ervyn and Lochan travel together and they serve together, but what they are asked to sacrifice in the name of that service might put a wedge between them that could break both of their hearts.

It’s been four years since the last Ervyn and Lochan book was released and I was thrilled to be back in their world. This is part of The Order universe and picks up 2 ½ years after the events of the last book. Ervyn and Lochan are deep into their service for the Queen, working as an assassin and a sharpshooter, and they are deeply in love with each other. Their love is still sharp and raw though, for as deeply committed to each other as they are, for as well as they know each other, they still feel the flames of deep jealousy and insecurity and are still waiting for the moment their relationship will start to unravel.

The book is primarily told from Ervyn’s point of view and that was a great place to be, until Lochan’s point of view kicked in and the balance between the two of them is phenomenal. Their sharp wit, intense longing, and continual chemistry is legendary and the flow of the dialogue and the entire atmosphere of this book makes it a magical place to visit.

I had thought this was the final book for my favorite elves, but as they pages started to wind down, I knew there wasn’t enough time to close this chapter in their life and fully send them off. This book does have a “to be continued” feel as there will be one more book to come for them and that book, although not even written yet, is already one of my most highly anticipated books.

If you haven’t read anything of Ervyn and Lochan yet, this is a great chance to now become immersed in three books in a row. The setting remains extraordinarily visual and the dialogue remains exceptional as Ervyn and Lochan live as highly skilled elves that have found their true mate.

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